bunker home

This Typical Las Vegas Home Is Hiding An Amazing Underground Secret

bunker home

A wealthy business man, Girard Henderson, wanted to build his dream house. Do note that this was back during the Cold War in the 1970s. Girard was a bit eccentric and a bit paranoid. He was afraid of an all out nuclear war between the USA and Russia.

To protect his family he built a 15,200-square-foot second house and ‘hid’ it. I want to know… how do you hide a house that huge?! How he kept his second home hidden will absolutely amaze you.

Now rememeber, shhh, it’s a secret.

Here is the first house he built. Okay, so where’s the second house?


Right here. Wait, that doesn’t look like sky. Where is this place?


Where is the entrance to the second house? This way, please.


Shut the front door! It’s a hidden elevator. Going down…


His second house is ‘underneath’ his first house. Genius or Crazy?


Master bathroom with double vanity sink. Luxurious, but it’s pink!


Fully equipped kitchen – again, what’s with the pink?!


Ballroom for entertaining. Well, at least it’s yellow.


Can’t entertain without an outdoor grill, if you can find it.


Want a room with a view? Uh, it’s a painting by the way.


Let’s go from a swim or a dip in the jacuzzi.


Or sit and take in the breathtaking view of the great ‘fake’ outdoors.


(source messynessychic)