15 Unforgettable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

We have all gotten that one Christmas gift that we never seem to forget. Now, thanks to the internet – you can be the one to give that gift! Imagine giving a gift to a loved one and hearing about it again and again years later. There is no better feeling! They say that the best gifts are from the heart and not the store. These do-it-yourself crafts below will help you prove that’s the case!

Giving a loved one a gift that you made will make the process much more personal. Anyone can go to a store and buy something nice, but a friend knowing you spent the time to make it will brighten their day! This is what people always remember. Not what was bought at a store, but what was made for them.

These 15 crafts below are all DIY gifts that you can make yourself! Let these inspire you to come up with your own ideas, or try out these designs below. After all, Christmas only comes once a year. Make your gift a great one.

1. Caramel candle

Via: Simply Stacie


2. DIY infused olive oils

Via: Just Putzing


3. Cinnamon and oatmeal soap

Via: Simply Designing


4. Mittens made from a sweater

Via: Feathering my Nest


5. Slippers stuffed with goodies

Via: Pretty Providence


6. Custom votive candles

Via: Something Turquoise


7. Cake in a cup

Via: I Am Baker


8. Set a year of pre-planned dates

Via: Shannon Brown


9. Ready to bake cookie mix

Via: Sunset


10. Snowman coffee mugs

Via: Almost Super Mom


11. Ready to bake sugar cookie sack

Via: Celebrate Creativity


12. Homemade bath bombs

Via: Inspired by Charm


13. DIY coffee scrub

Via: A Pumpkin and a Princess


14. Hot cocoa mix ornament

Via: Sprinkle Some Fun


15. Cookie mix in a jar

Via: Crazy Little Projects

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