Unique Bathtub Designs You’ll Want To Soak the Day Away In


Check out these amazing bathtubs! I love the creativity and out of the box thinking. Some of them even have a great view. I love old clawfoot tubs and vintage pieces but don’t worry, I’m not talking about those. These tubs are never seen before and I would Loooove to have one!

There is nothing in this world more relaxing than a hot bubble bath, with a cup of tea and a great book. Those molded fiberglass bathtub/shower combinations you find in every home built in the last 30 years just don’t cut it. Those are really made for bath time with your 2 year old. I don’t fit well in ours. My husband can forget about even trying to take a bath, not that he’s actually a bath person at all, but everyone should have the option! Equality!

The hammock bath is so creative (#4). I’d never have thought of it! I’m not to keen on #7 it looks like something out of The Matrix or some other scifi movie where they are going to harvest me for energy. Lol. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be…nope. Can’t do it. They are all fabulous! Do you have a favorite? Let me know! Now that you’ve seen the bathtubs of the future, here are the bathrooms of the future that they will go in.

Here’s the link to browse all 15 designs…

Diply: 15 Creative Bathtubs You’ll Never Want To Get Out Of