Check Out This Totally Unique DIY Wood Flooring. Wow!

end grain wood floors

Do you know what cordwood is? It’s firewood. More specifically, it’s little round logs that have been cut into uniform lengths. (A ‘cord’ is actually what you use to measure the amount of wood being bought/sold/stacked/etc..) By itself it’s nothing special but DIYers are getting their hands on it and coming up with some pretty creative projects. There are people making whole houses, cutting boards, countertops, and much more. This post, featured at Little Things, shows how to use cordwood to make a floor. It’s super nice!

This floor is made of ‘end grain’ wood. All that means is that the cordwood has been sliced to create nice little discs. These disks are then sanded down, arranged on the floor (no gaps!), glued down, and coated with polyurethane. It looks so natural. Every log cabin needs a floor like this! I’m also thinking every grandparent needs some of these as coasters. How lovely would those be? Is the floor too much for you? Maybe you already have lovely floors and don’t need to remodel at this time. That’s where I’m at but I do like the idea of making something out of end grain wood. Maybe a cutting board? Instructables has a fun one.

Here’s the link to the incredible “after” photos…

LittleThings: Re-purposed Wood Gives Boring Floors Incredible Makeover (photos)