Unique Way To Make An Omelet


How do you take your eggs? Over-easy, over-medium, poached, scrambled. I am a fan of poached. Especially if they are covered in hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict is my favorite! I also am a fan of omelettes. This video from Allrecipes shows how a fun new way to make omelets. In a plastic bag. How fun! (And easy.)

This would be great for a bunch of kids. They could all personalize their breakfasts and you can cook eight omelets at the same time. Those little ones can get impatient when hungry. Chill kids! I don’t love the idea of cooking in plastic but it would be nice for camping and when in a hurry.

Here are some other Omelet recipes that you must try. 193 of them to be exact. I like those numbers. Check out Mr Breakfast and prepare to tantalize your taste buds.