Clever And Unusual Ways To Use Toothpaste Around The House


I had the most horrid experience last Thursday. A trip to the dentist took a turn for the worse when they started drilling. It turns out that I had a baby ‘flossing’ cavity, my first one ever! Shame! Needless to say that I will be brushing much better from now on. I’m going to stock up on toothpaste but not just for dental hygiene. Toothpaste has many surprising uses I bet you didn’t know about. It’s really quite versatile. Check it out!

Time to polish the silver! Haha. I don’t have a silver tea set but when I do I might have to use this in a pinch. Do you think number three works? I hope so! How cool would it be if toothpaste really could clean teeth and erase pictures from walls? I can’t wait to try number 11. Bites and burns be gone!

I don’t know if it will work the same way for cleaning/life hacks but you can make your own toothpaste. See what Family Sponge has to say about it here.

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Diply: 19 Unexpected Ways To Use Toothpaste Around The House