30 Upcycled Furniture Ideas To Inspire Your Next DIY Project

Many of us have old furniture around our homes or in storage that we aren’t too thrilled about. These furniture items seem to take up space and not add anything to our lives. However, there’s a great solution! These items can be ‘upcycled’ and turned into new furniture.

There are tons of fun upcycled furniture ideas that will be perfect for your home or yard. Things like bookcases and old dressers can be turned into sandboxes and dog houses! If you’re in need of a new bed or a kitchen island, see if you have a piece of furniture that you can convert into one instead of buying one.

Some people are even going to thrift stores to buy cheap furniture to make these projects. So, even if you don’t have any furniture to upcycle, there are still options to make these.

This list contains 30 upcycled furniture projects to inspire you. These projects will bring new life to your home. If you decide to make any of these, be sure to share them with the rest of us.

1. Convert Two Chairs Into a Bench

Via: My Repurposed Life

2. Spool to Bookcase

Via: Pink Stitches

3. Lamp to Birdbath

Via: Chic Cottage Junk

4. Cabinet to Garage Storage

Via: Trash to Treasure Blog

5. Bookcase to Sandbox

Via: The Home I Have Made

6. Add a Storm Shelter Under Your Kitchen Table

 Via: Show Me Okc

7. Armoire to Chicken Coup

Via:  Rebecca Gratehouse

8. Old Headboard to Bench

Via: Painted Cottages

9. Cabinet to Play Kitchen

Via:  Easy Peasy Pie

10. Old Spool to Patriotic Clock

Via: Reclaimed Time

11. Cabinet to Dog Bed

Via: Seekers Bazaar

12. Old Door To Shelf

Via: My Repurposed Life

13. Old Chair Plant Shelf

Via: The Little Corner

14. Old Dresser To Island

Via: Apartment Therapy

15. Old Door To Clock

Via: Rodworks

16. Dresser to Loft Bed

Via: Pinterest

17. Mason Jar to Chandelier

Via: Charming Imperfections

18. Old Dresser to Day Bench

Via: Zelmaak

19. Bookshelf to Lockers

Via: My Creative Days

20. Bookshelf to Dollhouse


21. Old Door and Table To Coffee Bar

Via: Honeysuckle Hobbies

22. Barrel to Dog Bed

Via: The Gilded Horn

23. Ladder to Clothes Hanger

Via: Living Corrier

24. Bread Box to Desk

Via:  Better After

25. Sewing Table to Party Station

Via: Ambient Wares

26. Broken Guitar to Wall Shelf

Via: Refab Diaries

27. Old Bike to Mailbox

Via: Reusero

28. Old Doors to Shed

Via: The Home Builders Network

29. Mason Jar Lamp

Via: Here on the Farm

30. Crib to Kids Desk

Via: A Little Learning for Two


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