Use A Gum Wrapper To Start A Fire


I love camping. We like to tent camp out of the back of the car, and we aren’t always as prepared as we should be. Don’t get me wrong, the big things always make it, like the tent, sleeping bags, mattress, stove etc. But sometimes we forget the little stuff. Did you remember to get firewood? Did you remember the (insert small, seemingly innocuous item you cannot live without here.) It’s funny how forgetting an item seemingly so inconsequential can ruin a night in the woods.

For example, we are not smokers meaning we don’t usually have a lighter in a pocket. Not a problem at most times. That is, not a problem until your husband forgets to add matches to the camping supplies. So you must go without a campfire. A campfire is one of the best parts of camping. To make it even worse that means the kids are disappointed because NO S’MORES!?!?

Here is a unique solution to your emergency (yes, not having s’mores does constitute an emergency) fire starting needs. Just grab a gum wrapper (always in the glovebox) and a battery out of your flashlight. Watch the video from the King of Random to figure out the rest. Here are a few more camping survival hacks…just in case you find yourself unprepared in the great outdoors. Lol.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!