Repurposed Rice Cooker

Use A Rice Cooker To Bake A Cake

Repurposed Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker? I sadly don’t have one. We got one as a wedding present and I promptly returned it. Why did I need something that only had one purpose? I can make rice on the stove in a snap. I think I used the money I got from the return for an electric tea kettle. Did I need that either? Well years later I find myself wishing that I had kept that rice cooker. Such is life. It turns out that a ‘rice cooker’ doesn’t have to just make rice. Whaaa?

This looks like a delicious homemade chocolate cake recipe! Do you think a box mix would work just as well? That would really speed up the process. This whole idea makes me think of college kids. No oven? No problem. Kids, have cake!

Here are 17 other delicious things that can be make in a rice cooker. Who knew?! Greatist did and that’s why they have the most fabulous roundup. Yum!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!