Bottle Garden

Use Plastic Bottles To Go Vertical With Your Garden

Bottle Garden

Sometimes the only thing that stands between a great garden and no garden at all is a vertical planter. Upright planters let those short on space still experience the joys of gardening. I’m so glad that there are options out there! Everyone should get to indulge their green thumb, urban resident or not. Willem Van Cotthem has come up with a different type of vertical planter perfect for those short on space. It’s basically garbage to greenery.

He took old plastic bottles that had outlived their usefulness and turned them into a vertical planter. It’s amazing what can be repurposed! If you have a wall, fence, balcony, or hedge you can make this method of gardening work for you. It’s efficient, sustainable, simple, and affordable. Those are a DIYers favorite words. Here are some other fun vertical planters you might also like.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!