Super Clever Ways To Use Your Food Processor


Interesting. Do you have a food processor? Are you using it to it’s full potential? I have one and I’m not letting it be ‘all that it can be.’ I know that now, after seeing this roundup. I use it to chop up almonds and pecans. It mashes up cauliflower quite nicely and there are a couple other times I dust it off but honestly I forget about it a lot of the time. Shame shame.

Check out these 19 things that food processors can do/make like a boss! I am so excited to try some of these! You can make your own butter, flour, or salsa. Pesto, sorbet, and salad dressing can be taken to whole new levels with a processor. It’s important to note that there are different accessories and blades that you will need to make all of these tasty treats. I never knew that there was more than one until now! Here are some of those processor accessories.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Ways To Use A Food Processor That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of