27 Lovely Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Valentines day wreaths are becoming a popular trend among DIY enthusiasts. With every other holiday it seems like there are fun decorations but we rarely see Valentines decorations. Hopefully that will change this year. And you can be part of the change! By taking part in decorating your home, apartment, or office for Valentines day you can spread some holiday cheer.

After all, this holiday only comes once a year and it’s the only holiday with lots of pink decorations!

These 27 Valentines wreaths are perfect for all lovers of this loving holiday. These wreaths are not only easy to make but you will have a fun time doing it. They are great for friends, families, or just to make by yourself.

Take a look at these 27 wreaths below and write down any that you may want to try. Who knows? You may even get the inspiration to make your own gorgeous wreaths.

What do you think of these Valentines day crafts? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Simple Foam Wreath

Via: craftaholicsanonymous

2. Cupcake Liner Wreath

Via: tatertotsandjello

3. Rose Wreath

Via: yarner

4. Frame Wreath

Via: lilluna

5. Ruffled Heart Wreath

Via: partywishesscv

6. Wooden Branch Wreath

Via: prettyhandygirl

7. Ribbon Wreath

Via: thespeckleddog

8. Heart Argyle Wreath

Via: mineforthemaking

9. Two Minute Wreath

Via: organizeyourstuffnow

10. Red Wool Wreath

Via: ms-smartie-pants

11. Cupids Arrow Wreath

Via: nestofposies-blog

12. Styrofoam Wreath

Via: meandmyscraps

13. Pom Pom Wreath

Via: honeybearlane

14. Burlap Heart Wreath

Via: craftaholicsanonymous

15. Decorative Valentines Wreath

Via: positivelysplendid

16. Cockscomb Wreath

Via: marthastewart

17. Pink Ruffled Heart

Via: partywishesscv

18. Chevron Wreath

Via: tatertotsandjello

19. Curled Ribbon Wreath

Via: nikkiinstitches

20. Rosette Wreath

Via: ourbestbites

21. Fabric Flower Wreath

Via: sewmuchado

22. Chocolate Lovers Wreath

Via: texas-cottage-garden

23. Burlap Bubble Wreath

Via: todaysfabulousfinds

24. Candy Heart Wreath

Via: manditremayne

25. Paper Heart Wreath

Via: thehybridchick

26. Fabric Love Wreath

Via: acreativemomma

27. Square Wreath

Via: thriftydecorating-nikkiw


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