Vertical Garden Ideas For Small Spaces


Nothing beats the taste of fresh vegetables. But, not everyone has a plot of land dedicated to their fresh summer salads. Use these ideas to maximize the limited space you do have. They are brilliant! These are especially for those of you with small back yards. Sure that terracotta strawberry planter looks pretty, but you can do a lot more than that.

Growing plants vertically isn’t just for ivy and clematis anymore. The bonus is that you will avoid rotting if you leave your vegetables on the vine for just a little longer than usual. Be sure to water and let your veggies get the appropriate amount of light.

I love tomatoes and have used one of these topsy turvy planters in the past. I’m certain you have seen the commercial on a sleepless night while you try to rock baby back to sleep. Check out the non-commercial/DIY versions that can be used for most any plant in the link below.

Here’s the link to all 17 ideas…

Diply: 17 DIY Vertical Gardens Ideal For Saving Space