Tiny Victorian

Victorian Style Tiny Home Perfect For Off-Grid Living

Tiny Victorian

When headed off the beaten path it is important to go prepared. Whether it’s camping for the weekend, or creating an off grid lifestyle, you must prepare well. This tiny home, featured at Little Things, has been set up for long term living off the grid. It includes a 300 gallon water tank that, in a pinch, can collect and filter rainwater. (Or, just use a hose when you are at home for a quicker fill up.) It also includes a composting toilet for the totally hardcore greenies.

This tiny home’s exterior was built in the Victorian style. I love Victorian style homes. I really do. It is one of my favorite architectural styles. This house however, needs a few more architectural touches before I can say I’m on board with the aesthetics. The interior is beautiful! I love the kitchen with the stainless sink. The touches of blue are beautiful and the ceiling tiles are great. Well done! Well done. Love the Victorian era? Here’s how you can bring it to life in your own life. Lol. Happy decorating.

Take the full tour inside here…

LittleThings: This Victorian Tiny House Is The Perfect Survivalist Home (photos)