Landhotel Hof Beverland’s Beer Barrel Beds

Vintage Beer Barrel Beds

Landhotel Hof Beverland’s Beer Barrel Beds

Next time you are in Germany you need to stay at the Landhotel Hof Beverland’s beer themed room. The hotel and its unique rooms are featured in an article written by the Huffington Post and they are terrific. It has themed rooms that are complete with “beer beds.” The beds are made from vintage beer barrels built during the 19th century and used for brewing until 1995. Next time I am in Germany I will check it out. (Haha, yea right. It will be the first time I go.)

Here’s the link to the full article…

HuffingtonPost – Beer Hotel; Beds Made From Old Beer Barrels

Image Credit: / Landhotel Hof Beverland


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