These Vintage Trailers Get Stunning Makeovers


Vintage trailers are quit the thing these days; people get so creative with their refurbishing and restoration efforts. I have seen ones painted pink with bright everything, ones decorated in colorful paisley, and even ones decorated like soda shops. Most DIYs deal with the inside of the trailer. What about the exterior? A new trend is decorating the outside, making it just as cute as in.

Lynn Risor, a Texas artist, is one such person who wanted the outside of her camper to have a facelift. She started by painting it white; everyone needs a clean canvas to work with. Then she got out the drawing boards and let her imagination run wild. She wanted the outside of her little home on wheels to be a Victorian cottage. How cute! It has so much character. There is a pussy cat on the porch rail, fun lawn ornaments, a clothesline, and a cooling apple pie in the window. It even has grandma doling out hugs.

Lynn isn’t the only one who has gone above and beyond! I think the watermelon on wheels is amazing. What do you think about the wild west themed trailer? They are all so fun! Vintage Trailer Talk has a few other paint schemes that you need to see. So clever!

Here’s the link to see all the stunning transformations…

LittleThings: Vintage Trailer Gets A Victorian Makeover (photos)