This Is No Ordinary Wagon In The Woods. Come See Inside. Wow!

wagon tiny home

Can you believe this trailer? I can. It’s totally believable and totally amazing! Rachel Ross is the owner of this charming and amazing tiny trailer home in the Canadian cedar forest. It is everything a tiny home should be; cozy, bright, and whimsical.

I think this would be a great place to stay in the summer. I imagine it would be a little cold in the dead of winter. Canada isn’t known for it’s warm winters. I much prefer this over tent camping. I love the round window! How cool that it’s made from an old 70’s picnic table! The skylights are fun too. I love how much light there is.

Planning a trip? Why not go to the Cedar Forest? You can’t stay in Rachel’s cabin but you could camp here. What a lovely campground! It has everything; fresh air, clean water, and beautiful trees. Love it! Next time I’m in Canada.

Here’s the link to take the full tour…

Little Things – A Wagon In The Woods (pictures)