Garden Beds

Want A Raised Bed Garden? Try A Kit!

Garden Beds

So, you want to have a summer’s worth of fresh salads to have with your dinners or bright flowers to decorate your table but your soil isn’t so great or your pests are too plentiful. Raised planters may be the way to go! Raised planters give your garden a unique personality. Deciding on what your garden will look like is one of the most fun parts of gardening.

Sadly, not all of us are DIY masters. Fear not! This roundup from Simplemost has seven ‘kits’ that you can buy to help your gardening dreams come true. All of the materials that you need are included. Instructions too! (That’s what I need most!) These kits range from $60-$900 so there is something for the fiscally challenged to the financially stable. Lol.

Here are some DIY garden beds for those of you who don’t need the kits. Love ‘em!

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SimpleMost: 7 Raised Garden Bed Kits