Derby The Dog: Running On 3D Printed Prosthetics

Watch Derby Learn To Run With 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby The Dog: Running On 3D Printed Prosthetics

Derby looks a little bit like my dog, Denali! The main difference is that he was born with both of his front legs deformed. This pup had a hard go of things until Tara Anderson took him under her wing. He is a such a happy dog even with his disability. She decided to created prosthetics for him. They tried a cart for a while but it limited how he could play with other dogs. 3D printing made it possible to get the perfect fit and alter them over time to better fit his needs without the costs and molds normally needed.

I don’t understand how something ‘printed’ can be durable but it is. In Derby’s case I am so happy that they are! 3D printing absolutely blows my mind. I don’t understand it but it basically prints layer by layer until a real object is formed. It’s getting to where almost anything can be printed. A car, makeup, bikini, iPhone cases, and now these prosthetics for Derby.

3D printing is still spendy for people like you and I. Another drawback is that it can take hours or days to print something. can help answer some of the basic questions on this new type of printing. Check it out if you are just as confused as me! I found it really helpful.

See the heartwarming video here…Enjoy!