This $10 ‘Water Blob’ Provides Endless Summer Fun

water blob tutorial

Did you know that a plastic sheet, an iron, some duct tape, and water could provide unlimited hours of summer fun? Well, they can! Everyone needs a water blob in their backyard! I know that I need one.

I don’t have a pool but that shouldn’t stop me from relaxing in the ‘water.’ I’ve seen this blob idea on Pinterest and floating around on the internet but this is a wonderful tutorial that will help make it a reality. Sometimes I just can’t figure it out by looking at one picture. I’m so glad that the Little Things has all of these wonderful instructions and pictures!

This doesn’t look hard at all! I’m not the best at ironing but I can dust off my iron and give it a go. FYI be sure to move it around every day of your grass will die. Even if you don’t move it and it does die, grass grows back. Have a wonderful summer! Another thing that everyone needs is a slip n slide! A slide like this one is a must have. Hooray for summer!!!

Here’s the tutorial for making your very own water blob…

LittleThings: Make An Enormous ‘Water Blob’ The Whole Family Will Love (Just $10)