45 Ways To Make Your House Awesome

This has to be just about the most fun roundup we have created yet. There’s 45 different ideas on how to make your house awesome. Now, of course, many of these are simply beyond the budgets of most people and are just fun to daydream about… but some ideas could be put in place pretty easily.

I think my favorite “practical” idea is the hanging net suspended on the second story of a loft type home. What a fun lounging space.

Another idea we love is the under stairs storage ideas! If you have an empty space under your stairs then you could easily turn this into storage. One option would be to board it up and fit a large cupboard. However, an even better option would be to build large pull out drawers which can be wheeled out to hide all sorts of things inside.

Here’s all 45 spectacular ideas… Enjoy!

1. Ever want to have your own secret passageway?

Via: bookriot


2. You can also make a staircase out of a bookshelf

Via: Levitate Architects


3. Imagine having a great Foosball coffee table

Via: amazon


4. This house has a slide from the bedroom into the pool

Via: curbed


5. A coffee table with a cat hammock underneath

Via: eandy


6. An ‘invisible’ bathtub

Stern McCafferty


7. This wall converts into a dining room table



8. Beer light fixtures are perfect for a mancave

Via: pinterest


9. If you have roommates, get a stack-able fridge.

Via: yankodesign


10. This homeowner put a hammock over the stairs

Via: ooda


11. Build a skate park room

Via: Pierre Andre Senizergues


12. A suspended skylight bed

Via: jjlocations


13. Vacuum baseboards help keep a kitchen clean

Via: aerusvacuums.com


14. An outdoor swing bed

Via: theporchswingcompany


15. A backyard office pod

Via: officepod


16. A special mattress made for cuddling

Via: facebook


17. A coffee table made from a tire

Via: diferent-photos.blogspot


18. Love cats? Check out this outdoor catwalk

Via: nekomemo


19. Turn your island into a table tennis match

Via: hammacher


20. This home owner made a balcony pool

Via: James Law


21. An impressive swatch door

Via: studio.arminblasbichler


22. Imagine having a bedroom Jacuzzi!

Via: rugsandblinds


23. Use stairs for drawer space

Via: boredpanda


24. This wall plays music when it rains

Via: ingeniumetars


25. This family built an indoor tree house

Via: mytropolisdesign


26. Setting up an indoor slide is an amazing way to impress your guests

Via: David Hotson


27. An aquarium coffee table is a great centerpiece

Via: droold.com


28. Imagine having a movie room like this one!

Via: cozylittlehouses


29. Storage space hidden under the stairs

Via: Deriba Furniture


30. A glass pool that can be seen from the basement

Via: caandesign


32. A pool that can be opened in a living room

Via: dornob


33. Put a slide by your stairs for some extra fun

Via: demilked


34. An impressive aquarium bed frame

Via: acrylicaquariums


35. A swing set table indoors

Via: psfk.com


36. An indoor sand pit to feel like you’re at the beach!

Via: Justin Kemp


37. Setting up an outdoor movie theater is impressive

Via: Digitaltrends


38. This door converts to a ping pong table

Via: Tobias Fraenzel


39. Put your wine collection in a spiral storage space

Via: spiralcellars


40. A walk in pool for a natural vibe

Via: houzz


41. An indoor fire pit table

Via: moma-design


42. An indoor pool that leads outdoors

Via: Pinterest


43. An indoor hammock can look great anywhere

Via: jeremyperson


44. This cat has a transportation system around the home

Via: Because We Can


45. This bathroom was built on top of an old elevator shaft

Via: Hernandez Silva Arquitectos


46. A dining room table that converts to a pool table

Via: amazon


47. Ditch the bed and get a hammock instead

Via: Le Beanock


48. A vertical garden in the kitchen

Via: housebeautiful


49. This child has a pirate room where the bed is in the ship

Via: pinterest


50. A backyard sand filled fire pit

Via: Pic2Viral

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