Ways To Maximize A Tiny Laundry Room


I have been working on my laundry room for what feels like forever. Painting, decorating, organizing, everything. I have the color all picked out. A lovely sea foam green. I’m going to paint the cabinets white but I don’t have that perfect shade yet. I have this great wall shelf and decals all ready to go up. There is so much to do. This roundup from Diply has 16 ideas that will make remodels for tiny laundry spaces possible and fun.

I need number 6. A shelf above the door is a brilliant idea and would give me so much more room. I use number 7 already. It’s perfect for storing cleaning supplies and saves valuable cabinet space. (I screwed mine to the wall though because the over the door hooks were causing scuffs.) All those tips on ironing boards? Haha, yeah right?! Who uses one of those anymore. I think mine is in the garage somewhere, if I even still have it. Here is another laundry roundup, this one from Buzzfeed, that has 31 ideas for making doing laundry easier. Anything to help!

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

Diply: 16 Tiny Laundry Rooms That Prove You Can Make It Big On A Budget