What The Shape Of Your Nails Say About You


What does your hair color say about you? Eyes? Fashion choices? What about your nail shape? Apparently you can get a lot of insight about yourself from the shape you file your nails into. Who knew? Not I!

So what can you learn from your nail shape? This roundup from Diply will tell you all about it. Are you bold and edgy? Or low maintenance and care free? Maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Let’s find out. I am a ‘squoval’ girl. That means that I have my eyes on the latest trends and I never miss a beat when it come to fashion. Um. Nope. Not true. Lol. According to this I should have short rounded nails. That fits my personality. I’m somewhat low maintenance and like easy going!

The internet is so fun! I love all the quizzes and roundups that I was talking about that give insight into our souls. What does your hair say about you? Eye color? Lol.

Check your nail “personality” here…

Diply: Edgy Or Classic? Here’s What Your Nail Shape Says About You