When’s The last time You Cleaned Your Mattress?


What is the most expensive piece of furniture you own? No, the TV does not count. Even though that is what most of the furniture points toward. Lol. (That’s a Friends reference.) It is hands down our bed. Well, mattress. Basically ⅓ of your life is spent in bed so it pays to invest in a good one! Especially if you find one with a lifetime warranty. #Bonus!

Just because you bought a great mattress doesn’t mean it will stay a great mattress. You need to clean it. It can’t go in the wash but it can stay germ and bug free with these cleaning hack from Clean My Space. What do you need? A vacuum, some baking soda, and you favorite essential oils. I think lavender is the most soothing for sleep. This video has a lot of other awesome tips too. Light stain removal, why you should invest in a mattress cover, the 411 on steam cleaning, etc.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!