This Whimsical Tiny Home Is Modeled After an Old Ship

Nicknamed the Pequod, which was the ship that is described in Moby Dick, certainly resembles an old ship. With its wavy features, blue base paint, and old-timey style, this home is one of the most unique we have seen. Right now this home is in Indiana and fits a family of four. With its loft and great use of space, they make it work! If you want to replicate one like it, the parts and labor will cost around $80,000. This tiny home fits a full bathroom, kitchen, washer/dryer, and enough beds for four people.

This home was designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes and they make impressive and custom homes like this one. There are many clever features in this home but the most astounding looks to be the ceilings. It sure is amazing how a small home like this can fit a full family and look so beautiful! Enjoy the tour…

This is the Pequod tiny home and it was modeled after an old ship

It fits a family of four

This home features a full sized kitchen

And it has some impressive counter tops!

The pantry slides out to save space

And the table folds out of storage so the family can eat together





The laundry area and storage closets are outside the bathroom



The bathroom has an amazing view!

The stairs also have plenty of storage and lead to the loft bedrooms

The master is on one side

And the kids bedroom is right across the isle

There is even a glass walkway across!

Here is one last look at this beautiful home.

Images Via: Rocky Mountain Houses

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