Colorful Roses

She Slices The Stem Of A White Rose. The Reason? Brilliant!

Colorful Roses

Roses are considered the flower of romance. Especially the red ones. That’s probably why 110 million roses were given this past February 14th. That is a crazy amount of flowers! Yes, we all know roses are romantic but do you ever think about them being fun and something to DIY with? Well you should! Kathy with the Crafty Chica has a really fun tutorial on how to tie dye roses in all the colors of the rainbow.

You will need some white roses for this project, although other flowers work nicely too. Daisies and daffodils seem to absorb colors quite well. You will need colored dyes (food coloring works too), a cup for each individual color, and a knife. You will also need about 24 hours until the dye is completely absorbed. I’ve tie-dyed tees and towels before but never flowers; this will be a blast!

Nature does a great job growing and coloring roses but this is just fun. I would love to try this if I needed a specific color for a themed party or event. It’s ok if you don’t think tie dye and flowers go together. There are so many other things you can dye! DIY And Crafts has 40 projects that will brighten up your life and color to everything you can imagine. Find their full roundup here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!