Why The Japanese Have The Best Gift Wrapping Method


Here comes Christmas. It is the biggest gift giving and shopping season of the year the world over. In between buying gifts and giving them you should of course be wrapping. I’m certain you all know how to wrap a gift in one way or another. Perhaps you are looking for a little extra inspiration in your gift wrapping, something more than an extra bow, ribbon or gift tag (the paper kind not the Facebook kind). This video should be right up your alley.

You have probably seen this video in the past. It is a type of gift wrapping they apparently use in Japan. In the land that created origami, it makes sense that they should have a creative way of gift wrapping. I haven’t tried it just yet, but I will be sure to try this technique when the ribbons and wrapping paper start flying this Christmas Season. The video, featured below explains the original video a little better, so we all can try it this year!