This Home Just Won’t Sell. Can You Guess Why?


Now is the time to sell/buy. Or so I’m told. I know nothing of these things.The real estate game is complicated! We bought our home almost three years ago at fabulous rates. Interest rates have since gotten even lower and equity has gotten even higher and a lot of my neighbors are moving on to bigger and better things. I’m going to miss them! But what do you do if you can’t sell your house? What if no one wants it? That would never happen to me, lol. Our house is fabulous but a little kid-lived in. But that is what has happened to David and Gillian Walsh. No one wanted their house. Let’s find out why…

Located in Crosby, England, it’s big and spacious and in a nice neighborhood. The inside is what throws most people for a loop. They don’t like the interior decor. It’s a colorful and crowded and a lot to take in. I don’t understand what the big deal is. People are buying a six bedroom house, not all it’s furnishings. It is a little hard for some people to see ‘the forest through the trees.’

See inside this one of a kind house here…

Little Things: Realtors Have Tried Everything, But It Won’t Sell (photos)