world's most beautiful swimming holes chichen itza mexico

World’s Most Beautiful Swimming Holes

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world's most beautiful swimming holes chichen itza mexico

I was browsing pinterest today and I saw the above photo of one of the world’s most beautiful swimming holes and I exclaimed… “I’ve Been There!” Yes, I’ve stood on those very stairs and jumped off that ledge into the pool below. This photo is of a place called Chichen Itza, Mexico where there are many sink holes in the ground that have filled with water and make the most amazing swimming holes. This was truly one of the best vacations I had ever been on because of the incredible natural beauty.

If you ever find yourself planning a trip to Cancun Mexico… make sure to go on the Chichen Itza tours! You’ll see amazing temple ruins and have the chance to swim in a sink hole just like this!

Here’s a great post I found that details several of the most beautiful swimming holes around the world. Take a look here…

Tripping: World’s Best Swimming Holes

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