Cat Tree

Yard Trash Into Kitty Cat Tree House

Cat Tree

Cats sure can try your patience. I love my baby but he can be so frustrating! They do tend to have a mind of their own and love to sleep wherever they want and rule the roost. A lot of us are cat owners or at least know somebody who is one. Pet lovers are always looking for the newest and best toys for furry friends. Those things can be expensive! There are DIY options out there. Hooray!

Check out this DIY cat tree! You never would guess that this awesome climbing toy was once yard junk. This is beyond my skill level but I wish it was! I’m so sad I didn’t see this sooner! We had to cut two trees down last week and I just took them to the dump last week. Lame! Lame! Lame! Hopefully I don’t have another tree that dies but if I do…

Here is a climbing tree that isn’t too expensive. It doesn’t look like an actual tree though. What do you think?

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