Your Child’s Sippy Cups Could Be Filled With Mold


We have all heard and read about the germiest things we come in contact with everyday and it’s quite disturbing that the kitchen sink is a cesspool and that your purse is a petri dish (just think about where you set it sometimes!) Your car has some pretty grody stuff, and so does your desk at work, but what about your kid’s stuff? Yup, it’s pretty gross too.

Kids get sick all the time. It is a part of childhood and developing a healthy immune system but if a child is getting sick all the time there might be a problem with excessive germs coming from somewhere. One such place that might surprise you…sippy cups! Penny Powell did a photo Expose on facebook and the pictures will shock you. Be careful…these aren’t for the faint of heart of the weak stomached.

Since we are on the topic of germs and kids…here are 10 of the germiest things your little ones will come in contact with at school.

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Wimp: Sippy Cups Are A Potential Breeding Ground For Mold