Your Pets Need Their Own Custom Ornaments Too


I love our pets. They are a huge part of our family and just like us. Loud, crazy, energetic, and a little annoying. Yup, that sounds like family. This family needs to get our Christmas decorating done. I love pulling out our old ornaments and looking at them. One set of ornaments that is missing is homemade ones from the pets. This video from from Jumble Joy shows how to make Christmas ornaments of your furry friends’ cute little paws.

You will need one cup of salt, one cup of flour, half a cup of water, parchment paper, a cookie cutter (or something to make the dough into a round shape), and a four legged friend willing to lend you a paw. Press the paw firmly into the dough and then bake your new ornament at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours. Tada! You will have another homemade ornament to add to your collection, this one from a fluffy friend. And just for fun, check out Barkpost for some other pet themed ornaments. So fun.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!