You’ve Been Folding Your Socks All Wrong


For many of us, organizing and finding space can often be a challenge. Especially, when it comes to our closets and dressers. This 16 second video from Klara Egilson is going to be a pretty great space saver. (It’s going to take a few more minutes than just rolling them all into a ball but I think it ultimately will save space and make finding matching ones easier.

The rolling method involves stretching the top of one sock and looping the other through, to keep pairs together. The downfall of this method is that they can stretch out and and come undone in the sock drawer. The folding method seems like it would keep them together better. I think the downfall is that this method only works with longer socks. Not the shorter ones and that is mostly what I have. Need more help organizing your clothes? Lifehacker has some great tips here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!