Baid Aid

You’ve Been Using Band Aids All Wrong

Baid Aid

Apparently you’ve been applying Band Aids wrong. Not only that, you have been buying the wrong Band Aids. If you have children you have been applying them from the time they learned to crawl. We were all children and remember the soothing feeling we felt as mom or dad applied a Band Aid to our assorted boo boos, scrapes and cuts. I use a lot fewer Band Aids then I used to, but there is still the occasional injury requiring one for myself. Kids need a constant supply of them. Check out this hack before you head to the medicine cabinet next time.

You don’t need a variety pack of Band Aids. Those always seem to have just one or two left that are not quite the size and shape needed. All you need is one box of three by two inch bandages and a pair of scissors. You will be good to go for almost any blood letting. This little life hack from “Crazy Russian Hacker” is just the ticket. Oh, and don’t forget the Neosporin.

Here’s the how-to video… Enjoy!