Ketchup Cups

You’ve Been Using Ketchup Cups All Wrong

Ketchup Cups

Crazy Russian Hacker has a fun little video for us today and it’s all about Ketchup cups. Ketchup cups and saving the planet. Yes the two go hand in hand. According to CRH we have been using those little paper ramekins all wrong.

It turns out that you don’t need five of them in order to enjoy all of your fries. One little cup, when tweaked and stretched a little, can hold just as much as two unaltered ones. I don’t think I’ve eaten at a restaurant that uses those little cups in a long time. They don’t give them to you in the drive-through. I normally use the bottle on the table but the next time I get the chance I’ll give this a try.

Fresh out of ketchup (or catsup)? That’s ok. Make your own. It’s really easy. Here’s one recipe and here’s another. Have fun in the kitchen.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!