Garden Beds

Don’t you love having the greenest lawn on the block?! Me too! Hahaha. That’s a joke. My lawn is far from blue ribbon material. It’s not dead and dying but it isn’t thriving either. Reddit user Locolukas decided to due away with his lawn and create something more amazing than just a patch of green grass. He turned his patch of grass into a veggie garden. I think I’d have better luck growing green grass! Lol

He has it all; lavender, thyme, rosemary, basil, arugula, spinach, carrots, tomatillos (I don’t know what those are), squash, and flowers. He’s especially popular with the neighbors because the finished project looks great and he gives away veggies for free.

Another way to get the perfect lawn, if you don’t want to go the garden route, is by painting it. This trend is really taking off in places suffering from droughts (California). Companies (such as this one) spray a pigment dye that last anywhere from 3-6 months. It’s water based, all natural, and completely animal safe. How fun is that?!

Here’s the link to see all the “after” photos…

Diply: Started With Just A Few Boxes. 60 Days Later, His Neighbors Love Him!


I can never get enough bathroom hacks. If yours is small I’m sure you understand. I must sound like a broken record but there never is enough room! Why is my husband’s stuff on my side?! Move over! This roundup from Karma Stream has all the ideas you will need to create storage in the smallest of spaces when there isn’t any.

These ideas are so helpful and shabby chic! Come to think of it, not all of them are space savers but all them are beautiful. They make everything seem light and airy. I’m a fan of anything and everything with a baskets. I really like the door towel rack and pull out cabinets. How about you? Do your bathroom need help? Any winners here for you? This Old House has a tutorial for installing those handy pull-outs. Bonus for detailed instructions! It looks perfect for those beginner DIYers. (Me.)

Here’s the link to all 10 ideas…

KarmaStream: 10 Clever DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas


Here is a great lifehack for those of you with an infant or two toddling around your house. It is a great solution to a real world problem called dinner time. It’s so simple it’s genius. This article is brought to us by IKEA Hackers. Because, who doesn’t love IKEA?!

Toddler’s can be just about impossible to feed. Now imagine feeding two finicky eaters at once and trying to corral them into two separate high chairs. This was Jules problem and it needed solving. He created his own ‘Ultimate Twin Highchair.’ It took an unused Ikea table two plastic chairs and a jigsaw. Pretty simple. As a bonus he can reverse the chairs and use it as an activities table. Nicely done Jules! Twin high chairs are hard to come by. I’m all about the DIY! But I might buy one someday.

Here’s the link for the full tutorial…

Ikea Hackers: The Ultimate Twin Highchair


These bunk beds are wonderfully fun for kids and the perfect space-saver for parents. I hope you get excited about building your own after seeing all of these ones. Diply has 15 bunk beds that will make you wish you were a kid again. I’m excited!

This roundup has it all; regular bunks, quads, raised with desks, corner beds, triple bunks, and it even looks like there is one that has managed to fit five in there. I can’t imagine needing five beds in one room! Those kids would be going crazy! I love the super creative themed ones. The playhouse ones are my favorite. I also like the ones that are brightly painted. Teal is my favorite color!

Another bunk bed that I really like is this pirate ship one. It is absolutely amazing. What kid wouldn’t love it!? What adult wouldn’t love it for that matter?! Sign me up.

Here’s the link to all 15 ideas…

Diply: 15 Awesome Bunk Beds (photos)

Salt Nails

My nails are in need of something new. I’ve been using tape to make designs but it’s always fun to branch out. This YouTube video from RealAsianBeauty has something I have honestly never seen before. I bet this is a new one for a lot of you too!

These nails will start some fun conversations, all your peeps will want to know how you used regular salt to get a crazy textured manicure. I’m not sure if this technique is for me. I tend to peel my polish off when it chips and something textured like this would probably chip easily but who knows. All you need for this DIY is colored and clear polish and iodized salt. Let’s try!

Buzzfeed has a roundup with 22 other textured nail DIYs if the salt got you excited. The feathered ones look amazing. As do the spun sugar and raindrops. Love love love ‘em.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Boy Oh Boy! Is it hot out! Air Conditioning Units are expensive and use a lot of power. Portable AC units are less expensive but seem to use just as much power. What is a girl to do on those extremely hot days of summer? Try this DIY home air conditioner unit of course! The whole thing can be made for about $8.00 and a trip to a hardware shop and grocery store. Sounds like a win.

This ‘airconditioner’ is made from a styrofoam cooler, a small fan, and some dryer vents. You’ll need some ice packs or frozen water bottles too. That’s all you need. I swear! I can’t wait to see if this works. Has anyone tried it?

Hopefully you are more sneaky than me and can get away with turning up the AC. If not Lifehacker has five DIY ‘alternatives’ to running the AC full blast. My favorite is number 4. Who doesn’t love doing nothing?

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


The King of Random comes to us again with another great idea. This recipe for edible stackable Legos is amazingly simple and can be completed with just corn syrup, gelatin and a box of Jello. You will need a mold, which can be just about anything, various fun ice cube trays work best. You should watch the accompanying video to get great instructions.

I’m thinking Lego themed birthday party for the little ones. Of course, as much as I love Legos, this theme may just be my own selfish desire to have a Lego themed party. I’ll admit, I was once Zack the Lego Maniac for Halloween. He even had a way to make the Lego blocks stackable. So, go build yourself the gummy Lego castle of your dreams. Uh, the gummy Lego castle in the dreams of your 5 year old child that is.

Here is everything else you need to throw the perfect Lego party. Fun!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


It’s important to give your home a personality. Special. Make it yours. One of a kind. Homemade garden crafts add a nice personal touch to any backyard and garden. Stepping stones are a quick and easy project that definitely fit into that category. They are affordable and fun to make with the littles! We have a few in our yard already but I think I see room for another.

I’m excited to feature this DIY from Intimate Weddings. It’s a simple stepping stone tutorial that the whole family will love and that will add some extra whimsy to your yard. I used to make these when I was little. They never turned out like these though. Who knows what mom had us using! Lol. These will be so fun to make!

You can buy stepping stone kits too. If you don’t have the plates to mash, these ones come pre-mashed.

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

Intimate Weddings: DIY Garden Stones Tutorial


Mona with Craft Klatch has come up with another fabulous concrete tutorial and I’m so excited to feature it here today! Her latest video shows how to make fun ‘beachy’ themed coasters. This DIY is quick and the finished coasters look anything but homemade. I think I’ll give these a go!

For this craft you will need some rapid set cement, coaster molds, and colorful stones. It’s ok to use whatever cement you have on hand as long as you follow the instructions. You could use something else in place of the stones too but remember these are coasters and drinks need to balance with ease.

These coasters look so lovely! How great would they be on the patio table?! I would want to have them in many different colors. Do you think adding a varnish seal at the end is a good idea? I would want them to stay shiny!

Amazon has many fun concrete molds; everything from paw prints to path pavers. Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


People pay thousands of dollars to have luxurious private swimming pools put in. Under or above ground, they aren’t cheap. I’m always impressed by people who can make something fantastic (and functional), save money, and use repurpose recycled materials in the process. That’s exactly what Torben Jung did. Using old pallets, siding, tarps, and a pool liner he made the best little DIY pool for $75 dollars. Sounds like a win to me!

I love Torben’s pool but I would say that he needs to work out a pump system for circulating and filtering the water. They are at most hardware stores and very affordable. Without moving water you won’t have a pool as much as you would a place for mosquitoes to chill-ax and multiply. Here are some above ground pools that aren’t too expensive. It all depends on what you want. Happy shopping and happy DIYing!

Here’s the link to see the finished product…

LittleThings: Beautiful Swimming Pool Made From Pallets (photos)