If you are fond of rustic style and country decorating, you will love this collection of lamps and chandeliers created from wood that we’ve scoured the web for. There is something so natural and soothing about wood, and it brings such a warmth to any room in the house.

Is your preference something along the lines of a wild branch chandelier, or something more simplistic such as an elegant lighted center piece? Whatever your preferences are, we are sure you will find something here that will interest you. Some of these items are even things you can create yourself.

If you are thinking about renovating or simply just want to add a new dimension to your current interior decorating, then incorporating wooden style lighting could be the perfect choice. Take a few minutes and look through this collection now to get inspired!

1. Wall art with lighted branches:

lighted branch wall art

2. Wooden heart luminaries:

wooden heart luminaries

3. Lamp that defies gravity:

defining gravity lamp

4. Light up a tree:

tree lamp

5. Dramatic branch chandelier:

dramatic chandelier

6. Geometri style lamps:

geometric lamp

7. Wood table centerpiece:

wood table centerpiece

8. Wooden stripes light ball:

wooden stripes light ball

9. Art piece lamp:

art piece lamp

10. Star lamp:

star lamp

11. Steampunk lamp:

steampunk lamp

12. Wine cork mirror lamp:

wine cork lamp

13. Hanging bulb lamp:

hanging bulb lamp

14. You light up my life lamp:

you light up my life lamp

15. Gothic branch chandelier:

gothic branch chandelier

16. Driftwood style lamp:

drift wood lamp

17. Cube pendant light:

cube pendant light

18. Mason jar repurposed light:

mason jar repurposed light

19. Vintage arrow light sign:

vintage arrow light sign

20. Origami wall lamp:

origami organic wall lamp

21. Modern hanging lamp:

modern hanging lamp

22. Simple light fixture:

simple wood lamp

23. Unique lamps made from wooden stripes:

wooden stripes lamps


I love Ikea. I don’t like wandering around in there for hours but I do love the fabulous treasures that I come home with. Seriously though, does anyone else feel like cattle being herded in that store?! Don’t tell me where to go arrows on the floor! I’ll cut through from the living room to the closets if I want to! I do really love it though! My living room looks like there was an explosion of Swedish furniture. I also love Ikea hacks. Everything can be used as is or turned into something creative; there is so much potential! Like making a canine condo out of kitchen tables. I bet you didn’t know you could do that. It’s true.

First of all, who has seven dogs? No judgement, but that’s a lot of canine company. If you do need to house that many furry friends you should check out this DIY. Ikea Hackers has turned two different sized Melltorp tables, a rug, and puppy crates into something quite cool. Check it out!

These DIYs aren’t all houses or condos but they are all for your pets and they are all wonderful. Check them out!

Find the full tutorial here…

IkeaHackers: Ikea Kitchen Tables Converted To Canine Condo


You don’t have to be an expert crocheter to make some really cute crocheted gifts! We found a terrific post with some easy DIY crochet projects that just about anybody could do. These are some great projects anyone new to crocheting can learn with. When you start out with something small you are less likely to get frustrated and give up when you make mistakes. Making mistakes when learning how to crochet is expected though!

Here’s the link to all 14 projects…


I always get in trouble for leaving the lights on. Watt smart I am not. You can always tell where I’ve been in the house by follow the trail of blazing light and discarded and haphazardly placed coffee tea cups. I just love things to be bright! I love lamps and light of all shapes and sizes and that includes this DIY doily lantern featured in a video by Socraftastic

This lamp will help give any room in your home an elegant look. How perfect would it be in a little girl’s room? You will need a balloon, some vaseline, white glue, doilies, mixing bowl and spoons, paint brush, water, flour, spoon, straight pin, and a light kit. A 60 watt or less bulb or LED lights are recommended.

Here are some other DIYs that use doilies. Cute. Move over grandma! There is a new crafter in town. These 30 crafts are out of this world fabulous.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


This is a nifty idea if you don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of setting up a gas or propane stove to cook on. It is also a great idea if you want to do your cooking all natural. Or if you just want to try something a little bit different. This stove uses nothing but sticks for fuel. The sticks work because of the natural chimney effect created when the blocks are stacked just so. The air flow starts at the base of the fire and flows upward to force the flames to leap into action for you. Isn’t science fun?

Take it to your next elk camp or boy scout camp and amaze everyone with your sciency know how. Four cinder blocks, a couple of sticks and a fire starter will have you cooking in no time. Have a happy cook out. Here are some other DIY stoves worth checking out.


There are dozens of ways to spruce up your home without spending much money. Slap some paint on a wall. Hang a few mirrors. Rearrange every piece of furniture you have got. Resurface the cabinets. We have all seen, heard, and done these projects in our own homes. If you have done all those things and are still looking for additional ideas for your own home, check out this post. It is full of new and creative ideas to make your home look better. There is a little something for every style and budget.

For me, I love number 7. This guy improved the look of his garage door with some painter’s tape and black paint. It turned out awesome. Number 5 is a great idea for adding some closet space. She went down to the gardening store for some planter brackets and came home with something to hang her closet rod on. The look came out great and, as long as you keep it organized, there is no reason to hide all those clothes away.

See all 16 fabulous ideas here…

Diply: 16 Easy DIY Home Upgrades For Any Budget


Do you remember the movie ‘Flubber’ with Robin WIlliams? 1997 Mad scientist. It’s a remake of The Absent-Minded Professor from 1961. I loved those movies. Know what I love even more? This DIY from Live Craft Eat. It’s not animated like the stuff in the movies but it is awesome and the kids will love it. You need cold water, glue (Elmer’s), hot water, food coloring, and Borax. How simple are those ingredients?

I’m pretty sure I’ve made something like this before but a long, long, long time ago. I could use a refresh course. Three easy steps and you and your kids will have DIY flubber. Plus, you will have fun making it! Check out Flubber being ‘discovered’ in the movie here. Funnny! And if you haven’t seen the movie (either of them) please do yourself a favor and watch them. I think I’ll re-watch them while I’m at it.

Here’s the link to the recipe…

LiveCraftEat: Homemade Flubber For Kids (recipe)


Does your kitchen need a remodel? I always have little projects in store for mine but they rarely get going. I never want to bite off more than I can chew or will have time to finish with the kids underfoot. So that basically means it doesn’t change much. Except for some strategically placed contact paper and fun gadgets. These backsplash ideas, featured at Diply, will transform the way your kitchen looks and not break the bank or take hours of your time. Win!

The vintage rustic mirrors look great and I love everything that involves pennies and DIYs. I love number 5. Having maps in your kitchen would guarantee you never getting lost again. It would be helpful if you lived in a big city with mass transit. The DIY Network has some before-and-after kitchen makeover pictures that should help give you some added inspiration. These, along with the backsplash ideas… your kitchen doesn’t stand a chance.

Here’s the link to all 16 unique ideas…

Diply: 16 Unique Kitchen Backsplashes That Will Turn Your Kitchen Into Something New


I love manicure roundups and this one from Diply is no exception. Love it. When I go to the nail salon I focus on my feet. Home pedicures can’t compare to the professionals. My sister does a pretty great job but it’s not the same. Manicures are another story. They can be done at home and look just like the pros pampered you. These 16 tips are going to help you tremendously on your road to manicure perfection!

I am a big fan of number 4. I use cuticle oil all the time. Number 5 is vital to the perfect manicure. The same for number 9. Top and base coat. I am not sure about the fast drying spray. I’ve heard it doesn’t work but I know that the ice water method works well (number 11). I love number 16. Accent nails are the best! Here are some easy nail art ideas you should try. Once you get the basics are mastered you can take it up a notch.

Here’s the link to all 16 fabulous tips…

Diply: 16 Tips For The Best At-Home Manicure Ever


Everyone can use a little more storage space. Truth be told, everyone can use a LOT more storage space. You can especially use it in the kids’ rooms. They are always the ones with the smallest room in the house. The room without much of a closet but with huge amounts of toys, sporting equipment and clothing. Where do you put all that stuff? We have to make room! This solution, posted on Diply, is brilliant. By building this bed he was able to create cabinet space and more than 70 square feet of open storage beneath the bed.

All it took was some IKEA kitchen cabinets and wood to make the platform. What a great idea, creating all that in what is usually a neglected and underutilized area of any room. Yes we have all shoved items under our bed in an attempt to get them out of the way or hide them from house guests. This guy went considerably further than that. Here are some other fun projects that you can do with Ikea furniture. I love that store.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!