There are so many cute variations of trellises and vertical gardens out there and these ones featured at Diply are no exception. How cute! This roundup shows vertical gardening at it’s best! Sometimes the only thing that stands between a great garden and no garden at all is a vertical planter. So true!

Upright planters let those short on space still experience the joys of gardening and botany. I’m so glad that there are options out there! You can never go wrong with a pallet planter (be sure your pallet is heat treated to avoid contact with harmful chemicals). I would love it if I could have a green wall someday or have moss grow inside the house in fun designs. Sadly, there is hardly any stone around here and it wouldn’t be good for the wood. Moss Graffiti is another thing I would love to have. Why isn’t there any stone or bring around here? Maybe someday I will live in a place where this DIY is a possibility. Find the tutorial here.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Vertical Gardens To Lift Your Spirits


Did you ever watch The Secret Garden as a kid? I loved that movie! I loved the mystery, the towering brick walls, and the wild English gardens. Anything could happen in a place like that. I don’t think many of us can reproduce a garden like the one in the movie but It really doesn’t take a whole lot to add some magic to an ordinary garden. Diply has a collection of 19 DIYs that will get you well on your way.

These DIYs use rocks, stones, and pebbles to add a fairy tale like quality to your garden and they are so clever. I love the rock strawberries. The stone labels and stone wall are both wonderful. I especially love the tic tac toe board!

Even though it’s not made of stone, I’d throw a fairy house in there for good measure. There’s nothing more whimsical than having your own precious yard fairy. Finding a place in your garden for fairies is a must. Anything really is possible with Sprites flitting about.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Ways To Turn Your Garden Into A Fairy Tale With Rocks And Stones

zebra cake

We’ve all heard it said, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ An equally true but less common saying is ‘don’t judge a cake by it’s frosting.’ You never know what’s hiding inside the dusty pages of a mystery novel or under layers of buttercream frosting.

I’ve alway been intimidated by fancy baking dishes but Elise with My Cupcake addiction has a video that breaks it down for us fraidy-cats. Lol. If you make this cake your guest will never be able to stop raving about it. It’s just that spectacular. Making a colorful cake is nowhere near as hard as you think! If you have food coloring and cake pans you are already half way there.

A black and white/rainbow surprise zebra cake like this is truly terrific and worth the work. It’s a little time consuming (like the video) because you have to layer the colored batter but the end results are lovely. Fun looking cakes just taste better (it’s a mental thing) so get to baking! This cake is so fabulous that I would plan the party around it. Here are some zebra party ideas that are sure to be a smash!

See the surprise inside the cake and get the wonderful tutorial here…

Little Things: This Black And White Zebra Cake Has The Coolest Surprise Inside!

water blob tutorial

Did you know that a plastic sheet, an iron, some duct tape, and water could provide unlimited hours of summer fun? Well, they can! Everyone needs a water blob in their backyard! I know that I need one.

I don’t have a pool but that shouldn’t stop me from relaxing in the ‘water.’ I’ve seen this blob idea on Pinterest and floating around on the internet but this is a wonderful tutorial that will help make it a reality. Sometimes I just can’t figure it out by looking at one picture. I’m so glad that the Little Things has all of these wonderful instructions and pictures!

This doesn’t look hard at all! I’m not the best at ironing but I can dust off my iron and give it a go. FYI be sure to move it around every day of your grass will die. Even if you don’t move it and it does die, grass grows back. Have a wonderful summer! Another thing that everyone needs is a slip n slide! A slide like this one is a must have. Hooray for summer!!!

Here’s the tutorial for making your very own water blob…

LittleThings: Make An Enormous ‘Water Blob’ The Whole Family Will Love (Just $10)

diy smokehouse

Mmmmm! I hear that in Texas everyone is a BBQ expert. It’s like it is ingrained in their DNA or something. This Texan decided he needed a smoker to take his BBQ to the next level.

He built it with some concrete blocks and cedar planks. Cedar naturally prevents rotting so it will last a long time. This smoker is capable of both cold (lox anyone?) and hot smoking. It is nearly dinner time as I write this and now I can’t get my stomach to stop rumbling!

Nick’s plans called for an awning to store wood under and a separate firebox piped under the wood storage making it easier to control temperatures. Talk about detailed! The construction of this doesn’t look complicated at all. If you have the space, the taste and the time take your own BBQ up a notch with this smoker! Here is another smoker tutorial from Instructables. You can never have too many come BBQ season!

Here’s the link to all the step-by-step project photos…

LittleThings: Amazing DIY Backyard Smokehouse (photos)


What does your backyard need? Any one of these ideas would take your yard to a whole other level. They are pretty great! The summer solstice, aka the first day of summer, is June 21st. Officially you still have some time (about 6 days) to get all of your ‘pre-summer’ projects done but unofficially summer is here and your renovations might have to wait till it isn’t so hot out.

Backyards are the place to be in the summer. There, the beach, the park, and the lake. But mostly the backyard because it’s close (obviously) and takes no time to get too. I would never want to leave my yard if it looked like the ones featured at Diply. Can you say ‘mind blown?’ Who doesn’t want a backyard golf course or water slide? This roundup should provide all the help and inspiration you’re looking for when it comes to your yard. Viralnova has a list of some products that will also help ‘snazz’ up your yard and get you relaxation ready. The mega hammock and outdoor scrabble games look terrific! Find those and 23 other brilliant buys here.

Here’s the link to all 19 ideas…

Diply: 19 Backyard Inspirations That’ll Upgrade Your Summer

mini fridge

Instead of paying the landfill to haul away an old mini fridge, why not turn it into something new and useful? That’s exactly what this guy did! It’s now way better than a fridge! Who wouldn’t want this on her porch for parties and general hanging out with the girls?!

When we have parties the drinks always go in a big ugly galvanized tub full of ice. However, only a few hours into the party the ice will be melted and the area around it a mess. Check out this solution to all those problems. Instructables user bpasquariello has created a cooler from his old mini fridge and it’s brilliant! It took just a few hours, some wood, paint and a little elbow grease to create this beautiful cooler. He even put a spigot in to drain the excess water. Great job repurposing! When that cheap old mini fridge from your college dorm finally dies on you, try this out for yourself. I’m counting down the minutes.

This is a great DIY that I’m going to have to hold onto. I’m all about recycling and repurposing! That’s the motto of Green Eco Services too. They have a roundup with 41 ways to reuse-recycle your old ice boxes. Find them all here.

Here’s the link to all the details on this project…

Little Things: Broken Mini-Fridge Gets Transformed Into Something Incredible!

watermelon candles

watermelon candles

Happiness is cold watermelon on a hot day. Watermelon is the official, delicious, and refreshing fruit of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I adore peaches and plums are pretty perfect but watermelon has the market cornered. Everything watermelon is adorable. That definitely includes these DIY candles from Ann Le. They are precious!

These candles are an easy DIY that everyone can make. Literally everyone! You need some candle wicks, paper cups, candle wax, fragrance oils, and color pigments. You can use any smell but I think it would be a shame to choose anything but watermelon. The ones in the video are made with citronella to keep the bugs at bay but any will work. Everyone loves watermelons! Everyone from the little babes to the old timers. Check out this adorable little baby watermelon costume. Here’s one for the girls. Here’s one for the boys. And lastly, here’s one for the grownups. Now you have a costume idea for next Halloween.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Dining Room

I love creative and innovative people! I may not follow in their footsteps (not all of us are so talented) but they provide unteen amounts of inspiration. Thanks guys! Someday I will reach your skill level and my DIYs will we be the envy of all. Lol. One such exceptional and inspirational individual is Reddit user Midnight XII.

He took his dining nook and completely transformed it. It was boring, only sat six, and looked average. You won’t believe the transformation. The new table and benches are lovely! They can fit 12-15 people and the table now maximizes the space to it’s full potential. I love the paint too! Grey/blue and white are my favorite color schemes right now. Well done! Real Simple has some other remodel before and afters that should keep your creative juices flowing. These ones include living rooms too, just in case your dining room is already perfect.

Here’s the link to full project details…

Diply: Amazing Dining Room Transformation (photos)

Coconut Oil

The most amazing and useful natural substance on earth? Coconut oil!! You can use it on or for just about anything. The polynesians have been using it for almost anything you can think of for thousands of years. Their secret is out and now you can learn it for yourself. We have all heard the benefits of using it as an alternative to butter or cooking oil in your fry pans and baked goods (yum!). Did you know you can use coconut oil to make your own mayonnaise? You can use it to prevent freezer burn too. (I don’t think that idea came from Hawaii or Fiji. Lol.)

Coconut oil is also a great thing for your skin too. You can moisturize, wash, shave, reduce puffiness, get rid of varicose veins and stretch marks, exfoliate etc. The list goes on and on and on and on some more. This stuff really is amazing and I can’t wait to try some of these! Coconut oil can also be used in DIY makeup. Brit And Co has a fun roundup of 13 lip balm recipes, all calling for coconut oil. Lip Lickin good! Find them here.

Here’s the link to all 200 uses…

DIYnCrafts: 200 Brilliant Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life Forever