DIY Grated Wax Candles

What a wonderful and easy DIY from Sadaruchka! Projects like this are my life-lines. I start so many projects and get overwhelmed when none get finished. This is a fun way to repurpose old candles too. You can use any number of colors and layers and come out with a different creation each time.

Check it out here…

Sadaruchka – How To Make Grated Candles

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10 Budget Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

I am in love with this roundup from Amazing Interior Designs. It is brilliant and I am so excited to feature it here today! These ideas are as affordable as they are simple. It really is amazing how big of a difference little touches can make. Adding a rug, changing the light features, or adding a pop of color can do wonders. I also think that painting the inside of the cabinets is a terrific idea!

See all 10 ideas here…

10 Totally Awesome Budget Friendly Ideas To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

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Complete Pallet Garden Set

1001 Pallets has more pallet projects than anyone else and I love to feature their DIYs. I especially love this garden set. What is not to love about a matching table, couch, chair, and tree house? I love complete sets and that’s exactly what this is! Find some comfy decorative pillows and you are ready to entertain! What do you think?

Here’s all the details…

1001Pallets – Complete Pallet Garden Set

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Easy DIY Beehive In A Jar

I always thought beekeepers were crazy! Maybe I was stung one too many times as a kiddo. But if there was an easy way to do it… I’d love some organic honey! Remove And Replace has a great tutorial on how we can set up our own personal little hives, it is complete with everything we need to buy too. (Don’t forget that protective wear!) Bees can be temperamental and sensitive, so be sure to do your research! This DIY is a good place for the wanna ‘bee’ keeper to start.

Find the ‘how-to’ here…

RemoveAndReplace – How To Easily Make A Beehive In A Jar DIY Project

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DIY Strawberry Honey Jam (4 Ingredients And No Sugar Or Pectin Added)

I had no idea that in traditional jam, for every 2 pints of strawberries you need 7 cups of sugar. That sugar is a part of what makes it delicious. But what about those of us who don’t want that much sweetener in our diets? I can’t just abandon jam altogether! Our relationship is time tested and has endured so much. This recipe from Old World Garden Farms uses only 4 ingredients and I can’t wait to try it!

Find the recipe here…

OldWorldGardenFarms – Strawberry Honey Jam

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Magical Decal Tutorial (Free Printables)

Waterslide decals are beautiful and great for custom decorations but they aren’t always the most durable or practical. Magic Decals add the durability that waterslide decals are lacking. Here is a terrific pricing breakdown and full tutorial on ‘magic decals’ and how they will change everything you thought you knew about decals. Everyone over at The Painted Hive, thanks for sharing! I’m so excited to feature this project here today! I especially love the fonts on the labels!

Here the link to all the deets…

ThePaintedHive – Magical Decal Tutorial With Free Printables

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