upcycled home projects

Just about anybody can get into upcycling, it is easy and addictive. Not only are you making current resources last longer but you are reducing waste as well. With a little imagination and effort, plain ordinary items could be turned into something extraordinary. Upcycling is the future of sustainable living. It is similar to recycling, but with a twist. It is more about repurposing an item for a new use.

We’ve found a great article that shows how several items could be upcycled. You’ll find out just how easy it is to create the decor and furniture of your dreams. This is a world where anything is possible. The possibilities are limitless and once you get started it is difficult to stop. You’ll be looking around everywhere to see what other items you can upcycle. We know you will enjoy this article and find some upcycling ideas to get you in a creative mood.

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Do you enjoy do-it-yourself projects and redecorating your home? We’ve collected several types of headboards you can make at home that range from formal, rustic and playful. Your headboard could be a strong design statement in your bedroom. If you want to carry a formal theme you can opt for a tall padded or tufted headboard. Or if you want a more whimsical theme, you can try some ideas here such as the string art headboard or painted floral headboard.

Whatever your style may be we are sure you will find some choices here that are appealing, and easy to do at home!

1. Headboard made from pallets:

pallets headboard

2. Pool noodle headboard:

pool noodle headboard

3. Classy buttoned down headboard:

buttoned down headboard

4. A door turned into a fashionable headboard:

door made into headboard

5. Vintage tufted headboard:

diamond tufted headboard

6. Night light headboard:

night light headboard

7. Tall rustic headboard:

tall rustic headboard

8. Chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

9. A multi-colored chevron wooden headboard:

chevron wooden headboard

10. Starry window headboard:

starry window headboard

11. Artistic antique window headboard:

antique window headboard

12. Elegant ruffled headboard:

ruffled headboard

13. Mantel headboard:

mantel headboard

14. String art headboard:

rope string art headboard

15. Bookshelf storage headboard:

bookshelf storage headboard

16. Double padded headboard:

double padded headboard

17. Floating headboard with back light:

floating back light headboard

18. Pegboard headboard:

pegboard headboard

19. Formal upholstered headboard:

upholstered headboard

20. Foam tiled headboard:

faux tiled headboard

21. Canopy headboard:

canopy headboard

22. Old shutter headboard:

old shutter headboard

23. Lattice look headboard:

lattice look headboard

24. Tufted and framed headboard:

tufted framed headboard

25. Quilted headboard:

quilted fabric headboard

26. Floral painted headboard:

painted floral headboard

27. Old barn wood headboard:

salvaged barnwood headboard

28. Tufted headboard:

tufted headboard

29. Easy rustic headboard:

easy rustic headboard

30. Shower curtain headboard:

shower curtain headboard

31. Scalloped rustic wood headboard:

rustic wooden headboard

Hidden Litter Box

This really is a brilliant idea. I love my kitty but not his litter box. How could I?! Gross. Litter is a nightmare. Even when clean, it goes everywhere! And let’s face it, cat boxes aren’t that pretty to look at. This DIY, featured at Little Things, takes care of both those problems.

So what is this wonderful DIY? It is a fashionable piece of furniture that doubles as a useful way to hide your cat boxes. Win! The cat food can even be stored in the extra drawers. Double win! An old dresser has never been so useful. Dressers like this are so cheap on Craigslist right now. There’s enough for all! It’s still important to clean out your cat’s litter box to keep the smell down but this will help keep the mess down and add to your overall decor. I’m not sure where I could fit this, but I’ll find a way to make it work!

Not for you? Maybe one of these ones featured at Buzzfeed is more to your liking. At least one has to catch your eye. Find all 27 here.

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Little Things: Dresser Transformed Into Secret Kitty Litter Box Unit

repurpose old piano

Do you have an old piano lying around that is just collecting dust? If so you are in luck, because whether you are aware or not there are actually so many ways you can repurpose an old piano.

Repurposed pianos can make interesting pieces of art and furniture. The wood is usually of high quality as well as the gorgeous ivory keys. You can transform an old piano into so many things such as a bookshelf, lounge, planter and more. All it takes is a little imagination and the willingness to roll up your sleeves!

One of my favorite ideas in the link below is the piano bar. Once you take a look you will see what I mean – it is gorgeous! The possibilities are endless on the types of art and furniture you can form from an old piano. Time to get searching for an old piano to get your own hands on!

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cozy nap chairs

The value of a comfortable chair or couch should not go unnoticed. In today’s busy society it is important to have a quiet and restful place to relax and even take a snooze, especially when we are overworked and stressed out so much. We’ve put together a unique and creative list of comfy and cozy chairs and sofas for every style out there.

Some of these listed here look so tempting to just fall into and catch a quick nap! Go ahead and look through the list, you will surely find something that will interest you. The last item is worth a look, it is such a treat!

1. Catch a quick nap in the office on this ergonomic beauty:

ergonomic ofice chair

2. Snuggle up in this plush velvet Papasan chair:

plush velvet papasan chair

3. Hunker down on this furry bean bag chair:

fur bean bag chair

4. Curl up in this womb-like cradle chair:

cradle chair

5. How about softly swaying in this hanging wicker chair:

hanging wicker chair

6. Great for a crowd:

red sofa

7. This couch plus blanket combo looks very inviting:

couch plus blanket

8. A chair for the scientific types:

scientific chair

9. Drift away on a floating bed:

floating bed

10. A rather contemporary chair to relax on:

lounger chair

11. Melt away your worries in this zero gravity chair:

zero gravity chair

12. Read your favorite book and take a nap:

book shelf chair

13. The perfect outdoor napping solution:

nap nest

14. Sofa or comfy bed?

sofa bed

15. Even your cat has a chair for napping:

cat beneath chair

16. Rock to sleep together:

tandem rocking chair

17. How about this trifecta lounger:

trifecta lounger

18. Comfy floor lounger:

green floor lounger

19. Treat yourself to this massage chair:

massage chair

20. Catch some zzzz’s in this power nap capsule:

power nap capsule

21. A bench worthy to nap on:

cushion bench

22. Snuggle up in this cute blanket burrito style:

blanket burrito

23. Lounge outdoors with this zero gravity chair:

zero gravity hammock chair

24. Modern day tire swing?

modern loop swing

25. Grown up bean bag:

grownup bean bag

26. A very inviting spot to nap:

full futon

27. Outdoor canopy bed:

outdoor canopy bed

28. Wooden slat double lounger:

wooden slat double lounger

29. Catch a few winks on this comfy floral circle sofa:

circle sofa

30. Modern looking chair that turns into a bed:

modern chair sofa

31. Relax on this casual bean bag chair:


32. Envelope hug couch to snuggle in:

envelope hug couch

Chicken Coop

Do you have OCD? Obsessive Chicken Disorder. It’s a fever that’s taking the nation by storm. Backyard birds are all the rage. I have avoided getting bitten by this poultry pandemic but many of my friends have not. Just because I don’t have a personal flock doesn’t mean that I don’t admire the people who do and the crazy beautiful condos they build for them in their backyards. One creative way to build a coop is by repurposing old pallets. Pallets can be used for everything else. Why not for the birds?!

Chickens are great little birds! You can get delicious fresh eggs and the satisfaction of feeling like a farmer. And as long as you don’t have a rooster, they will be a good way to make friends with the neighbors. Everyone loves fresh food!

Using recycled building materials (a.k.a. pallets) will save you a bundle when make a coop. This tutorial shows how to make one using only three pallets! I would want to paint mine a snazzy color. Red with white trim to match my house! Any hen would count herself lucky to live here. They would also be lucky to live in one of these luxury homes from Off Grid World.

Find the full tutorial from Oklahoma History here…

Oklahoma History: Chicken Coop Project

Hacks For Furniture From Ikea

Ikea is one of my favorite places. The furniture, although not one of a kind, is adorable and affordable! My husband and I bought a lot of it when we first got married and it’s still around. I actually just bought a chandelier from there last month. Gorg! Slowly, I’ve started to replace some of the pieces with more durable and more unique furniture. (A lot of DIYs in there too!) some stuff from Ikea is so practical but so ugly. There’s no reason it has to stay that way. These 16 hacks will show you how to ‘revamp’ your furniture.

These ideas make me want to hit the thrift stores and garage sales to find more things from Ikea! They are fabulous and I would rank many at an easy skill level. Hooray for me! I’m not even going to pick a favorite. They are grand!

Here are 22 other insanely clever ways to repurpose old furniture; there is no excuse to be throwing things away! Sop it! DIY Network knows what’s up. Find all 22 idea here.

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Diply: 16 Ikea Hacks That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Old Furniture


Your children likely have several interests that can change with the wind! Designing kids’ bedrooms can be difficult because of that, plus they are constantly growing out of everything and changing their minds about what they like. This just constantly ends up meaning that you spend way too much money and time providing them with a unique space to call their own.

So when you pursue this type of project you want to get it right the first time, and not have to change it every few months! Take a look at these gorgeous bedroom makeovers and the numerous themes you can build off of. You will most definitely get some great ideas and find something that is perfect for your child. In fact, sit down with your kids and get their opinions on what they like and dislike. You might find that you learn a thing or two as well!

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Wooden Projects

The work of a homeowner is never done. Stain the porch, paint the shutters, clean the gutters. Booo. The fun things about being a homeowner are never done either and I love that! Paint the kitchen, decorate the laundry room, create pallet headboards, etc.. Architecture Art Design has some of the most creative DIY homeowners projects, 23 of them to be exact, and I know you’ll love each and every one! I do!

All of these DIYs involve wood. They come in every shape, color, and type of wood. This isn’t your run of the mill pallet roundup (although some of them are made from pallets). I love the makeshift hanging closet and the coffee table made from dresser drawers. Brilliant! I wonder where someone would get enough crates to make a shoe closet like that? So impressive. Remodelaholic revamped their closed and it’s even more stunning than all the shoes! Find it here

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ArchitectureArtDesigns: 23 Super Smart DIY Wooden Projects

Pallet Bed

Finding pallets isn’t hard but deciding what to do with them is! There are just so many possibilities! I hate to add even more terrific DIYs for you to choose from but they were just too good too keep secret. Besides, these are pallet beds!

Just because they are all made of the same material doesn’t mean they all look the same. Each is different and unique. There are even fabulous dog beds! There are day beds, hanging beds, adjustable beds. You name it! I’m so excited!

**The tip for finding pallets is ‘K.I.S.S.’ Keep it small sweety. The smaller the business the less likely they are to have recurring contracts for pallet pick-ups and deliveries. Plus, it will be easier to determine what chemicals or materials have been used near or spilled on them. Always ask nicely and build relationships. Those three things have always worked for me!**

1001 Pallets has some more fun ways to use pallets in the bedroom. Check them out here

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