15 Totally Ingenious Ikea Hacks

Ikea! I first think about delicious meatballs. Then I think about amazing furniture and how much I can buy in one trip. I also think about going to Sweden because all the furniture names are so cool and the country must be too. Buzzfeed has gathered up a bunch of ideas for sprucing up plain Ikea furniture and It is just as terrific as the store! This roundup has it all. Now if only there were tips on where to find a ‘secret-exit.’ I wouldn’t have to weave through the maze and spend a fortune on impulse buys.

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Buzzfeed – 15 Totally Ingenious Ikea Hacks

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

furniture revivals

OMG! Southern Revival has the best collection of ‘re-vamped’ furniture that I have ever seen! These DIY projects show how to completely transform old pieces of furniture into wonderful new treasures. There are also tutorials showing how to touch up things that just need a second wind. It is fantastic! Lots of repurposing and changing going on here. I especially love the renovation of Uncle Joe’s 1800’s dresser.

Check it out here-

Southern Revivals – Furniture Revival

Image Credit: southernrevivals.com

garden pallet ideas

I’m really excited to show off this great collection of projects from Home Ideas. It is everything you could ever want and more from a garden and pallet roundup. These DIYs aren’t expensive or time consuming and will totally transform your garden. Which do you want to try first?

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17 Out Of This World Things To Do With Pallets In The Garden

Image Credit: homemadehomeideas.com

Pallet Wood Creations

I am in love with Greg over at Ex Nihilo Creations’! He has done a fabulous job with tables, ice chests, and wine racks. Some of my favorite projects have been making DIY Pallet furniture but these put my finest work to shame! You can barely recognize that these were once used pallets. He really has created something beautiful from nothing.

See his gallery here-

Ex Nihilo Furniture – Pallet Wood Creations

Image Credit: exnihilofurniture.com

diy furniture

These easy DIYs are going to transform your yard and patio. They are fun, original, many are made from repurposed material, brightly colored, and did I mention easy? I am happy to have run across this roundup from Architecture Art Designs and feature it here today. The wheelbarrow bench is a fabulous idea! OMG, so many DIYs and so little time; I better get to building!

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ArchitectureArtDesigns – 22 Easy And Fun DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Image Credit: architectureartdesigns.com

Designer Giulio Manzoni’s Multifunctional Sofa Bunk Bed(Transforms In Only 12 Seconds)

If you are tight on space you might want to check out Giulio Manzoni’s ‘cou-bunk.’ That’s what I’ve decided to call this couch that transforms into a bunk bed in under 30 seconds. It only takes 12 seconds actually. It is comfortable, functional, and easy to transform from one to the other. He wanted something that was stylish but still worked for small spaces and this does just that!

See it in action here…

Stylish Eve:
Innovative Multifunctional Sofa By Designer Giulio Manzoni
Transforms Into A Bunk Bed In Only 12 Seconds

Image Credit: stylisheve.com

diy hammock chair

This looks super comfy and the perfect place for reading on rainy days! I saw a chair like this online that was quite spendy and before I whip out the credit card maybe I’ll try to make my own. Hammock chairs can be made for kids or adults; the hardware store has sturdy enough materials for both. I love that it is hanging inside too. Who says the porch swing have to go on the porch?!

Learn how to make it here…

Makezine – DIY Hammock Chair

Image Credit: makezine.com

disassemble pallet

Pallet projects are everywhere. #iheartpallets! The only problem with them is taking them apart…what a hassle. Using a hammer to take out the nails takes forever and a crowbar can damage the wood. Old World Garden Farms has another method that takes only 5 minutes and they want to let us in on the secret! One word: Sawzall. You need to see what all the fuss is about!

Check it out here…

OldWorldGardenFarms – How To Disassemble A Pallet With Ease

Image Credit: oldworldgardenfarms.com

old chairs into bench

My Repurposed Life first shows us what not to do when repurposing furniture and then they fix their fail and turn it into something amazing. They tried to use two old chairs to make a bench and failed miserable. I’m so glad we get to learn from their pain and not make the same mistakes. The moral of the story is to keep at it. Even disastrous DIYs can be salvaged.

Check it out here…

My Repurposed Life – 2 Chairs Into A Bench

Image Credit: myrepurosedlife.com