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Landhotel Hof Beverland’s Beer Barrel Beds

Vintage Beer Barrel Beds

Next time you are in Germany you need to stay at the Landhotel Hof Beverland’s beer themed room. The hotel and its unique rooms are featured in an article written … Read More

DIY Wood Pallet Shed

Full Size Shed Made From Pallets

The most difficult thing about building a pallet shed, as with any large project, is finding enough recycled pallets in good condition. If you have a good source you are … Read More

DIY Pallet Entry Bench

DIY Pallet Entry Bench

Sometimes I hate pallet projects. Yes, they are mindblowingly terrific. They are also so addicting! I see a great pallet DIY, like making an entry bench, and I have to … Read More

DIY Door Couch

Old Doors Into A Comfy Couch

Let’s do some upcycling and give a few old doors new life! With a little love and devotion (hacksaw, screws, and a drill) we can turn three old doors into … Read More

DIY Crate Coffee Table

I am in the market for a coffee table. After doing a little research, I found a crate coffee table for $250.00! That was with the 15% discount! Oy vey. … Read More

Patio Pallet Day Bed

How To Build A Pallet Day Bed

Nothing has more uses than the pallet. They can be turned into shelves, planters, floors, headboards, tables and decorations. Basically if you can dream it, it can be built out … Read More

Refinished Dresser Using Lace

Refinished Dresser Using Lace

Do you have an old piece of furniture that is in need of a remodel? A dresser maybe? Then I have the perfect DIY for you! Using an old piece … Read More