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Home decorating is not a one time thing, it’s something we tackle over and over again as our tastes and preferences change over time. After all there is always something that you can find to improve upon, isn’t there? But in order to lessen the indecisiveness and changing your mind too often one needs to plan ahead. Planning is extremely crucial and can save you boat loads of time and money!

Now not everybody is great at planning, so we thought this article containing decorating diagrams would be super useful! They are a wonderful place for anyone to get started with. Once you take a look you’ll realize they are just what you need to identify what direction to take your decorating.

Here’s the link to all 24 diagrams that will get you that much closer to being a professional designer! Have fun…

Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are just one more thing that proves concrete is awesome and here to stay. Concrete is durable, affordable, and can be make into the most stylish DIYs. The same can be said for cinderblocks! These versatile blocks don’t cost pennies like a bag of cement but they are considerably cheaper that other building materials out there. Keep you eyes peeled for cheap or used blocks so you can make awesome DIYs, like the ones featured at Brit And Co!

We had cinder block furniture in my college dorm room but a little less classy than these. Lol. I’m glad to see that it’s coming back around and that I can claim credit for being a trendsetter. These ideas are so fun! I love all the outdoor seating ideas. Numbers 5, 9, and 12 are such creative couches and benches. I really like number 10 too. What an adorable little vase. Just imaging stubbing your toes on any one of those! Yikes! That wouldn’t keep me from making them though. Hehe.

You can use cinder blocks to make big things too. Like buildings. That’s what they were intended for anyways, to be a larger masonry block than a standard brick. This YouTube Video, from user Rahgsa0509, gives a brief overview on how to make a shed. Sweet!

See all 13 ideas here…

Brit+Co: 13 Creative Ways To Use Cinder Blocks

decorate small spaces

It can be fun decorating large spaces where you have a lot of room to spread your wings. But small spaces need attention as well, and can sometimes pose a challenge. You need to change the way you think about decorating when dealing with small spaces. The rules are totally different! Think combining style and decor with storage and functionality.

In small spaces you need to think outside of the box a lot more, and consider how to save space. This could mean looking at unique pieces of furniture that utilize the walls or at least alleviate floor space. Small spaces do not need to be intimidating either. Once you get some ideas to spur your creativity, you will be well on your way to becoming a decorating diva! Go check out the super secret furniture art frame, one of our favorites.

Here’s the link to all 12 ideas…

awesome nightstands

If you are considering updating the decor in your bedroom, you may want to consider new nightstands. But we want to encourage you to think outside the box and not just lean towards the traditional. We found a great article about do-it-yourself ideas for nightstands. Once you take a look at the link below you’ll realize how easy it is to add a little personality to your bedroom.

By finding something unconventional, not only can you have a piece of furniture that will meet your needs but also one that will suit your style and choice of decor. Why stick with the traditional choices when you have so many other desirable options?

Here’s the link to see all 20 ideas…

Glow In The Dark

Most people see the cracks in a plank of wood as a deal breaking flaw. Not Mike Warren. He sees potential and a great piece of furniture waiting to be made and after seeing this you will too! A concoction of resin and photoluminescent (glow) powder added to a less than perfect board will produces jaw-dropping results! How terrific is this glow in the dark table? I would loooovvveee to have one! It’s beautiful.

This table collects rays of sun all day long then at dusk something magical happens. It transforms to a glowing masterpiece. Glow powder comes in a variety of colors. Which will you pick? Photoluminescent powder can be recharged by the sun millions of time. That means that your hard work won’t be wasted on a short term DIY. This table will last for years on end. How special!

Find the full Instructables ‘how-to’ here…This table is amazing! Don’t you wish you had one? I do! Check out glowstop.com when your ready to purchace your own glow powder.

Here’s the Video… Enjoy!


What can you build with two pallets? Ohhhh…so many things but making furniture is one of my favorites. I’m always on the lookout for new and creative DIYs and this coffee table, featured at Instructables, has caught my eye.

I do love this creative table! It so multifunctional and has so much storage space. Yes, a lot of tables have drawers and shelves built in but not like this. The sides have many small compartments that are impressive on their own but it’s the inside and mechanics that really ‘wow.’

Half of the table can be raised to TV tray height. It slopes up at a gentle angle so none of your decorations will fall off. The other half of the table slides out so you can easily access your treasures. The amazing thing is that this can all be done with two fingers. What a terrific design! I wouldn’t have thought it possible for such a heavy duty table.

This Pinterest board has more pallet table ideas than one person could ever make in a lifetime. In the words of Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother), ‘Challenge, accepted!’

Find the full tutorial from Instructables here…

Instructables: Multifunctional Coffee Table With Storage, Slide Out And Lift

compact table

Ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. That’s what this folding table is! It’s an ingenious design and I hope that Izzy Swan, the designer of the Eizzy Folding Table, has locked down a patent on this puppy. Can you say Shark Tank?

This fun table come in two pieces. The top piece you move to the bottom to give the table height and the other piece folds down to reveal four stools and a table. I think it’s great that there are wheels for moving it and that it is very compact for easy storage. Win! I want one in a bright fire engine red! Vroom! When and where can I get one? I know I don’t have the skills to build this myself.

Resource furniture has the most amazing products, just like the Eizzy table. Broken down by rooms, there is everything you could possibly need. From the small studio apartment sofas to the creative kids work spaces and storage solutions. Find them all here.

Here’s the Video… Enjoy!


Ana White is amazing and I am so excited to feature her and her craft table design here today. Word to the wise, this isn’t a repurposing or furniture restoration project. It’s better. This is a 100% do-it-from-scratch DIY with an intermediate skill level required. It is soooo cool and I’m willing to have my husband make it for me. Lol.

This might sound a bit tricky but with such detailed instructions we should be ok. There is a shopping list, cutting list, tools needed list, and a tutorial. All fabulous and detailed. There is everything we need to succeed. Are you going to try it? Let me know how it goes! Post some pics.

You know who loves crafts? Martha Stewart! And that is why when she has a roundup on craft rooms we need to sit up and pay attention. These rooms and spaces are creative and bright and I know you will just adore them!

Check out the full tutorial and plans from Ana white here…

Ana White: Modern Craft Table (plans)

Tub Couch

My dad turned an old stainless steel milk vat into a hot tub 20 years ago and it was so before it’s time. I’m not sure he even knows what repurposing is but he would love this bathtub sofa. I know that I do! Don’t you?

I’m not sure the skill level but I’m thinking intermediate to difficult. This type of couch was featured in Audrey Hepburn’s 1960’s movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but until now I never noticed. Holly Golightly rocks this couch! I wonder if you cut it diagonally could you get two chairs? Interesting thought… This couch would be perfect to pull into the garden for the summer. Love. I know I’ve seen tubs like this on Craigslist or antique stores and I need to go track one down.

Architecture Art Designs has 13 other fun ways to repurpose vintage tubs (the above couch included). I like the mini drink cooler best. Do you have a favorite?

Check out the fun tutorial and great pics featured here…

LittleThings: DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Transformation (photos)

upcycled home projects

Just about anybody can get into upcycling, it is easy and addictive. Not only are you making current resources last longer but you are reducing waste as well. With a little imagination and effort, plain ordinary items could be turned into something extraordinary. Upcycling is the future of sustainable living. It is similar to recycling, but with a twist. It is more about repurposing an item for a new use.

We’ve found a great article that shows how several items could be upcycled. You’ll find out just how easy it is to create the decor and furniture of your dreams. This is a world where anything is possible. The possibilities are limitless and once you get started it is difficult to stop. You’ll be looking around everywhere to see what other items you can upcycle. We know you will enjoy this article and find some upcycling ideas to get you in a creative mood.

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