dining room makeover

We found an amazing DIY dining room transformation that we knew we had to share with our readers. A member from Imgur.com, MidnightXII, provided detailed photographs on how he transformed his old dining room space into a much more functional, practical and beautiful dining area. You can follow along below in the step by step photographs to see all of the work that was involved, and get inspired to launch your own DIY project at home!

And remember, these types of projects don’t have to break the bank either. With some basic materials such as two-by-fours and bead board, there’s a lot you could build! Browse through the photos below and watch how this man took a plain room and spiced it up, creating a beautiful and welcoming dining room that he and his family could enjoy for years to come.

1. This is what the dining area looked like initially:


2. Preparing the space:


3. Beginning to install the supports and studs:


4. A closer look at the beginning process:


5. Vertical supports are installed to give the booth stability:


6. Square supports attached to the wall in lieu of studs:


7. Here you can see the supports wrapping around the whole area:


8. Plywood is laid for the bench seating:


9. The seat foam is cut and put in place:


10. Waterproof fabric was chosen for the benches for easy clean up:


11. Here you can see the fabric being prepared for the bench seats:


12. Bead board is installed for the bench facing:


13. Here’s a closeup of the bead board:


14. An opening is cut in the facing for a vent:


15. Now the vent is installed in the opening:


16. The trim is put in place:


17. Here’s a closeup of the trim work:


18. Final touches – the facing is painted white:


19. A custom table was built to work perfectly within the space:


20. Here is the finished project, fully decorated:


From the outside this charming home looks just like all the others:


This home has been lovingly owned and lived in by a 96 year old Toronto woman for over 72 years. When you look through the photos below, you won’t believe your eyes! Once you walk into this seemingly cookie cutter home you soon realize there is nothing plain about this place. It has been completely redecorated from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in the style of the 1950’s and 1960’s!

Carefully thought out furniture, well chosen colors and an aura only one so caring and loving could create has this home been born and maintained. You’ll see as you look further that the home decor is all done in the homeowner’s favorite colors such as aqua, purple and pink.

Nothing dramatic jumps out at you in this photo, but what is behind that closed door?


Even from the back it doesn’t appear to be anything unique:


Now brace yourself as you enter the home and are whisked back into the 1950’s:


How about this beautiful sea-foam carpeting and tasteful dining furniture?


We really love these 1950’s style chairs:


The living room is like walking into a queen’s home:


The beautiful sea-foam color is used consistently throughout the home:


The over-sized mirror above the fireplace is a wonderful touch:


Gorgeous light fixtures and flooring make this a kitchen to dream about:


She even has a pink telephone!


The breakfast nook is perfect with the wrought iron table and floral wallpaper:


No space is ignored, as shown here in the second floor landing:


The master bedroom is beautifully decorated in mauves:


Look how the bright teal just pops out color in this room:


Another bedroom cozily decorated in purple:


Completely decorated in pink, this bedroom belongs to the homeowner’s daughter:


Even the bathroom carries over the pink theme:


As you enter the basement you’ll see a fabulous entertainment area:


Here’s a great photo of the handsome corner bar and stools:


The large fireplace looks well used and invokes thoughts of family get-togethers!


The downstairs bathroom is impeccably decorated in beige and peach tones:


Not only is this a full laundry room but it also has a fridge and microwave:


The backyard in winter with it’s charming pastel green shed:


The backyard even has a cute garden:



Everyone can use a little more storage space. Truth be told, everyone can use a LOT more storage space. You can especially use it in the kids’ rooms. They are always the ones with the smallest room in the house. The room without much of a closet but with huge amounts of toys, sporting equipment and clothing. Where do you put all that stuff? We have to make room! This solution, posted on Diply, is brilliant. By building this bed he was able to create cabinet space and more than 70 square feet of open storage beneath the bed.

All it took was some IKEA kitchen cabinets and wood to make the platform. What a great idea, creating all that in what is usually a neglected and underutilized area of any room. Yes we have all shoved items under our bed in an attempt to get them out of the way or hide them from house guests. This guy went considerably further than that. Here are some other fun projects that you can do with Ikea furniture. I love that store.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Who doesn’t love Legos? They’re awesome! There is just one tiny problem with these building block. It sucks to step on one. It’s a pain like no other! Sweet Jesus have mercy! How do they end up all over the floor like that? If only there was a cute and functional way to keep them contained. Ohh wait…there is! This DIY from Fussy Monkey Business has the cutest Lego table with built in storage bin.

What do you need to do? Keep your eyes out for unique furniture pieces that could be turned into a table for toys. Then find a bin that could fit into it. Also be thinking of the perfect paint color. This table was made from an old sewing machine table scooped up from a garage sale for $5. I know what I’ll be looking for this summer at the sales! Legos are awesome. As is the theme song from The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome! Have you seen the movie? Be warned… you won’t be able to get these songs out of your head.

Here’s all the steps taken to build this…

FussyMonkey: Lego Table Build

Rocking crib

When you have a newborn baby in your home it makes for a lot of sleep interrupted nights. You can change their diaper, feed them, burp them sometimes nothing seems to work. When baby can’t sleep neither can mommy or daddy. I remember putting our oldest in the car and driving around the block again and again until he fell asleep. Our other kiddos responded well to being rocked.

If your baby, like ours, sleeps well in a rocking chair or a rocking crib, why not try both. Take a look at this set of plans brought to you by Instructables. This will be a beautiful compliment to your nursery once you pick a matching wood or paint color. It also will take up less room than having both in the room. They suggest finding a mattress first and build the crib portion around it. The blueprints are not for a standard size mattress. Here is another DIY crib tutorial. It never hurts to have options. Lol

Here’s the link to the full build steps…

Instructables: Building A Rocking Chair With A Crib


It is always exciting to get something new to brighten up your home. The only thing better than getting something bright, shiny, and new is to transform something you already have or create something from scratch. There is a lot of repurposing and changing going on here. I love it! This roundup, featured at Diply, is upcycling at it’s very best! These DIY projects show how to completely transform random bits and pieces (aka garbage) and turn it into wonderful new treasures. Furniture treasures that is.

These tutorials show how to touch up things that just need a second wind and that are begging to be turned into something new. It is fantastic! I can’t wait to try the window coffee table. The file cabinet turned garage storage is awesome but the dresser turned bench has to be my fav. The jeans planters are ridiculous. Funny and cool but not for me. Lol. I love giving old things new life and this is exactly the place to find much needed inspiration! If you have any other great ideas, please let me know! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to DIYing!

Here’s the link to all 20 projects…

Diply: 20 Ways To Spectacularly Transform Your Home Furniture


Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales…these are some of my favorite places to find treasures. And by treasures I mean other people’s garbage that I will makeover into something wonderful. This summer I am on the hunt for a hoosier cabinet. After seeing this roundup from Little Things I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for dressers and dresser drawers too. Who knew you could repurpose them in such fun ways! Not I!

I adore the headboard! It would be perfect if you’re short on space. There’s no need for a night stand when there nooks and crannies overhead. I love the thought of using just the front panel as a coat or towel rack. All of these DIYs have a slight shabby chic look that just make me want to swoon.

Buzzfeed has a fun roundup on how to transform the whole dresser and not just the drawers that you need to see. I know it’s hard for some people to dismantle perfectly good furniture. If that’s you, check out all 99 ideas here

Here’s the link to all 16 ideas…

LittleThings: 16 Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer Upcycles (photos)


These are amazing designs! Top Inspiration has a roundup of 12 furniture designs that are absolutely fabulous. I don’t even know where to begin with them. They are incredibly functional and would be a great addition to any living space. They would be especially useful in a small space such as in a tiny home I write about so often on this sight.

A few of my favorites…. I love love love the sofa that turns into a set of bunk beds. What amazing ingenuity. Just spectacular! The wooden table/bench is incredible also. It is just so functional. I think that it belongs in my yard under the willow tree for all those afternoon blogging sessions on gorgeous summer days. I like the capstan table too. It is a modern take on the add-a-leaf table we have all seen but this one slides out in wedges.

I have run out of words to describe all of these amazing, spectacular, original works of art and engineering featured in this roundup. How is it possible that such creative pieces can just be furniture?! Maybe these pieces are the start of ‘furniture of the future.’

Here’s the link to all 12 designs…

TopInspirations: 12 Absolutely Genius Furniture Design Ideas

Coffee Table

Wunderbar! That’s what this whisky barrel coffee table from DIY Projects with Pete is. 100% wonderful. This is a fabulous videos that show the transformation of an old whiskey barrel into a beautiful coffee table. It shows start to finish the project and I am just blown away at how amazing the finished project is. I really like the half barrel on it’s base. I would want to leave it like that and make it a…something. I don’t know what, but it looks really cool that way. Now if I only knew where to find a barrel…any suggestions?

Do you remember Hope Chests? My grandmother had one. Historically, a hope chest is a dowery chest. An unmarried woman would start storing things for marriage, like table clothes, dresses, and things that were homemade. Now they are more used for treasures and things you want to pass on to the next generation. This barrel table/chest reminds me of one.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Ok. Here’s the thing… I have a love hate relationship with the internet. (Especially Pinterest.) I see the most fabulous DIY projects and fall in love with them only to have my hopes dashed to pieces when the instructions are incomplete, are missing completely, or are just downright miserable. Anyone with me? Here is a DIY that Won’t disappoint; it has it all!

The tutorial for this bookshelf chair, featured by Instructables, has detailed steps, pictures, and lists of materials needed. I love this chair and I love that there is a DIY version! Have you seen chairs like this? They are quite spendy when bought but affordable (and fabulous) when made!

Eeeek! Etsy has one that sells for around $3000! Oh my lanta! They are made to order and look amazing but I’m gonna go with the DIY version. In case you feel like dropping a few thousand dollars follow this link the store.

Here’s the link for the full DIY tutorial…

Instructables: Bookshelf Chair Build Plans