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I wouldn’t call most furniture ‘space saving.’ There are a lot of really great pieces out there but they aren’t always convenient for small spaces. Whether you have small rooms inside of a big house or you have a tiny house in general, it’s important to utilize every bit of space. Ron Barth has solved the furniture problem and has done a fabulous job of it. The furniture designed at Resource Furniture is multi-functional, practical, and comfortable. Even though they’re modern, they will still add to the overall appeal or you home and you will be amazed when you see them!

I think furniture like this is the way of the future. I bet this is how the space stations will be furnished when we live on mars, lol. All of these couches, tables, beds, desks, etc. don’t take up much space and are simple to convert from one thing to another. One of the bunk beds they sell can be installed in only 12.5 inches of depth. It would be a great addition to any kids room. I am in love with the murphy bed couch too. I think it’s wonderful how you don’t have to move everything in order for it to let down. They are a little to pricey for me but if I do get one it’s nice to know there is a lifetime warranty!

If you’re feeling brave the DIY Network has a space saving bed you can make yourself. find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Hutch To Vanity

If you pull up your local Craig’s List and type in ‘entertainment center/system’ hundreds of results for hutches and cabinets will pop up. Most of them are old, being sold for under $50, and rather ugly. If you wait till garage sale season they can be found for even cheaper (I’ve seen them for $20)! The great thing about this is that they can be repurposed into the cutest projects. Projects like this dress-up vanity.

The transformation from hutch to vanity is incredible! I love how the battery powered lights make it look like a real dressing table and closet that a grown up would have in their room. It’s amazing what some white paint, lights, mirror, and a curtain rod can do. I’m so impressed.

Crafty Momz has another example of how to dress up an old entertainment center. The possibilities are endless and adorable. Find it here.

Find the full article from Sophia Grace & Co here…

Sophia Grace & Co: Dress Up Makeover

Creative Furniture Designs

People are getting so creative with furniture. Having a couch can be like having your own personal livingroom ‘Transformer’. I think it’s amazing that things no longer have only one purpose. Don’t be fooled by appearance…is is a table or a love seat? Ping pong table or door? Couch or punching bag? You decide.

This roundup of creative furniture is perfect for people will small spaces (tiny homes maybe?). They retract, store away, and fold. I am a little skeptical about the couch stove…I catch enough stuff on fire as it is! But after you try it let me know. Lol. The never ending candlestick is my fav! Brilliant. Waste not want not. I am pretty smitten with #14 too. And #13. Do you have a favorite? Let me me know!

If you think these are fun, you will love the Boxetti Collection from Freshome Furniture. Find it here.

Find the full roundup from Architecture And Design here… 20 Home Furnishings That Are Borderline Magic

After the sofa bunk pictured above – this is easily my next favorite… Check out this amazing table by !

pallet storage

A pallet is a boring bunch of boards, strapped together and normally used for shipping. Lucky for us that their uses go way beyond shipping and freight. To borrow from a favorite movie, they go “to infinity and beyond!” If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest I bet you’ve seen some of the rather brilliant ideas floating about.

The only difficult thing with pallets is deciding what to do with them. Coffee table, headboard, planter, magazine rack…which project to make? This roundup has some practical ways that pallets can be repurposed for storage and I am quite keen on them.

The DIY wine rack is a must have for everyone 21 and over. And the closet? Talk about love! It’s not for the shopaholic but it is cute. The pallet bed frame with the storage underneath would be perfect for a small apartment. Check out these other pallet storage ideas from Design Rulz

Find all 20 ideas from Architecture Art Designs here…

Architecture Art Designs: 20 Extremely Genius DIY Pallet Storage Design Ideas

Building A Train Bed

What kid wouldn’t love this bed? Beds come in all shapes and sizes these days. There are princess beds that range from $800-10,000. Sorry kids, I don’t think so! Cinderella’s coach is very popular and if I was extravagantly wealthy I might consider throwing about tons of money on it. There are also brilliant Star Wars beds better than anything you have ever seen before. Come on, a Death Star bed?! Yes please! Google is an amazing gift but t is also heartbreaking! Who can afford those? Don’t despair…DIY!

Here is a great tutorial from instructables showing how one amazing dad made a train bed for his son. It’s really impressive and I really think he is ‘Dad of the year.’ A Thomas the Tank decorated bed would also be fun! Every kid deserves a fun bed! See these other fun DIY beds from Make here…

See the full article from instructibles here…

Instructables: Building A Train Bed

Glow Table

Mike Warren is an amazing guy! Why? Because he made a crazy cool glow in the dark table. I have never seen anything like it before. What else makes him amazing? He has given us a terrific tutorial, complete with product links, so we can make our own! There is a video to-boot!

If you already have the wood working tools then why not make one?! If you don’t, I bet your neighbor has some you could use. Maybe if you are really nice and bring them cookies. Equipment like this is also really cheap to rent. I rented so many things for my basement remodel and I know a round saw will be cheaper than a jackhammer.

Did you know that there was a product called “glow powder” and that it comes in a bunch of colors? It’s spendy but so cool. It can be used for so much more than a table. This power has a brightness rating of 33000 mcd/m2, 55-85 micron but I have no idea what that means. The packaging says that it can be recharged millions of times! Sweet. The Hunted Interior has another DIY table you need to see…

See the full tutorial from instructibles here…

instructables: Glow Table

Don’t miss the video either…Enjoy!


Think of the one piece of furniture that takes up most of the space in a bedroom. The bed! Not like you want your guests to sleep on the floor (I suppose that depends on your guests). How do you furnish a guest bedroom without spending a small fortune?

Hide the bed. Wall beds are usually the solution. What if I told you there was a way to hide a bed that’s outside the box. Well, actually, this one is inside the box. I’ve lived in small apartments that did not have room for guests to sleep (except the sofa). Now here’s a new and incredibly clever innovation to save you not only space but money. Win-Win!

Watch this amazing bed in a box transform…

Oh lookie, there’s a key. What treasures will we find inside?


Open the lid and… No treasure.


 Hope chest full of wood. Lots and lots of wood.


What if we pull out a piece?


Planks attached. Is there an instruction manual?


With smaller pieces that all seem to connect.


Let’s pull out the handles on each side and see what happens.


Hello! Looks like an accordion.


Grab the ends and pull it straight. Color me happy, it’s a bed!


Let’s add the extra pieces of wood.


Top it off with an air mattress. Clever!


(Source Sliptalk)

15 Totally Ingenious Ikea Hacks

Ikea! I first think about delicious meatballs. Then I think about amazing furniture and how much I can buy in one trip. I also think about going to Sweden because all the furniture names are so cool and the country must be too. Buzzfeed has gathered up a bunch of ideas for sprucing up plain Ikea furniture and It is just as terrific as the store! This roundup has it all. Now if only there were tips on where to find a ‘secret-exit.’ I wouldn’t have to weave through the maze and spend a fortune on impulse buys.

See all 15 ideas here-

Buzzfeed – 15 Totally Ingenious Ikea Hacks

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furniture revivals

OMG! Southern Revival has the best collection of ‘re-vamped’ furniture that I have ever seen! These DIY projects show how to completely transform old pieces of furniture into wonderful new treasures. There are also tutorials showing how to touch up things that just need a second wind. It is fantastic! Lots of repurposing and changing going on here. I especially love the renovation of Uncle Joe’s 1800’s dresser.

Check it out here-

Southern Revivals – Furniture Revival

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