There’s something exciting about building your own furniture and do-it-yourself projects, isn’t there? When we can take something old and turn it into something fabulous, it’s so refreshing! We found a wonderful DIY-er named Leanne Lee from Diva of DIY who has such a simple and fresh outlook on re-purposing and do-it-yourself projects.

In the video below she’s featured on ABC Action News demonstrating how to turn an old window pane into an awesome coffee table. While many of us might just see an old piece of junk, Leanne has a knack for seeing past that and bringing life back to items that otherwise would be headed to the trash.

All you need to get started is:

  • A fairly large window pane
  • Wood to create the box
  • Hinges for the top
  • 4 leg braces
  • 4 legs

Watch how easy it is to make this unique and fashionable coffee table…


Do you enjoy crochet projects? We found this wonderful tutorial on how to hand-crochet a huge circular rug with wool roving. Thanks to Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts, you can watch and learn step by step how she transforms 7.5lbs of wool roving into a classy and inviting rug!

You don’t need any tools because this is done by hand, but you will need:

  • Yarn scrap or stitch holder to mark the end of each round
  • Wool roving

Here’s an overview of what to do, and to learn more detail watch the video below:

  1. First you’ll need to create a slip knot and chain 2
  2. Next you are going to crochet six rounds, remembering to mark the end of each round as you go
  3. You’ll be increasing six stitches per round so count to make sure
  4. As you get more and more complete the pattern will become obvious

Check out the video below to get all of the details:

Do you have a fixer-upper of a house? So many of us have a never ending number of projects to work on. Luckily our house only has little things to do. I’m no carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc. Some of you have massive overhauls on your hands. I admire your skills, determination, and drive! Something that a lot of my friends have had to tackle is getting rid of annoying ‘popcorn.’

What’s that? Good! I’m glad it’s not in your house! (It is was in the house we rented before we bought.) It it a style of drywalling that became popular in the 50’s that is bumpy and resembles popcorn. It was thought to help with noise but really it’s just ugly. (Wimp has more details on this unsightly stuff here…) Until recently, it was thought that there was nothing that could be done to remove it. The video below proves the skeptics wrong.

Here’s the video showing it in action… Enjoy!


Do you have any old bath towels waiting to be thrown out? Consider upcycling them first! We found this wonderful video from HGTV Handmade by a lady named Marianne. She walks you through taking old bath towels and turning them into a cute area rug. You can get really creative with this depending what types and colors of towels you have. This beautiful area rug would be a great addition to your home decor!

Check out these easy to follow instructions:

  1. Cut out several one inch strips (Marianne uses thirteen or so for her rug)
  2. Vary the colors and sew three ends together
  3. Braid these three strips, while folding the ends beneath to hide the raw edges
  4. Next, connect three more strips to the end of this braid
  5. Continue braiding this set of strips
  6. Repeat the above steps until you’ve used all your strips and made one long braid
  7. To sew the rug together, you shape and coil it to create a circular rug
  8. At the end, sew the ends together, and voila!

Just watch Marianne in this video below and you’ll see how easy and fun it is to make this adorable rug!

increase home humidity

Do you ever find the air in your home is too dry? Humidity is very important for your health especially if you have respiratory problems. It’s even been noted that dry air in the home can make you more susceptible to catching the flu or a bad cold. So it’s important to know what humidity level is helpful in your home.

Humidity levels should be around 30 or 40% in your home during the winter season, and upwards of 50% during the summer time. If you have hardwood floors they will also benefit from having a consistent humidity level throughout the year, since boards can swell and constrict as the humidity changes.

But you aren’t stuck with having to purchase a humidifier because we’ve collected some great alternative methods to increase the humidity in your home without one. Check out these tips on how to increase the humidity in your home – they are easy and anyone can do them.

1. Open the dishwasher after last rinse and allow dishes to air dry:


2. Dry your clothes inside on a drying rack:

Housework concept. Closeup clothes hanging to dry on a laundry line with colorful pegs clips indoor

3. Houseplants bring humidity to the air:


4. Allow water to cool from bath or sink to release humidity into the air:


5. Keep the door open while you shower:


6. Do more cooking on top of the stove:


7. Heat hot water in a teapot to release humidity:

Tea kettle with boiling water; steam against a black background.

8. Vent your dryer inside the home:


9. Place a bowl of water on your heat registers:


10. You can also place a glass of water at your windowsill:


Home Upgrades

I’m so excited to feature this roundup from Buzzfeed here today. It’s all about about something each and everyone of us can use. Home upgrades. There are 40 easy DIYs that will instantly take your home to the next level. #realestatewin

Are you looking to sell your home? Or maybe just hide some eyesores and fix up the one you have? Then this is the post for you! You don’t have to be Bob Vila or Martha Stewart to add some pizzazz to your place of residence. Hide an ugly ceiling fixture with a lampshade. Add crown molding to your windows to fancy the place up a bit or press on tiles to your bathtub or backsplash for a more modern look look.

Learn how to frost glass, frame your TV, and so much more. I’ve done number 23. My vents looked so much better after! These ideas are so fun and easy! Perfect for the novice DIYer. Curb appeal is so important. For when keeping up with the Jones’ and the HOA and when trying to sell your home. Here are some more tips.

Find all 40 ideas here…

Buzzfeed: 40 Easy DIYs That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Home


Needed to brighten up your living space but don’t feel like grabbing some paint and a brush? I don’t blame you. That is such hard work! If you’re a renter painting might not even be an option. But don’t fret. There are decorating for you! This roundup from Feel It Cool has 20 great ones. They are affordable, very DIY, and are sure to impress.

Our walls don’t have a lot of free space. I’m a big fan of pictures. I do need new ways to display them though and this roundup has a few fun ideas on that. The rooms that are still blank canvases are my guest room and laundry room. The pain is all picked out but nothing beyond that. I might have to use some of these ideas!

I really like the birch tree painting! So original. Did you love these ideas? (How could you not?!) Here are some more. Just to keep the decorating inspiration flowing.

Here’s the link to all 20 projects…

FeelIt: 20 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

Bubble Wrap

Did you know that you can get a giant roll of bubble wrap for $20? Ok. But why is that information important to you? Because bubble wrap is awesome. It’s the best for moving, wrapping gifts, and for stress relief. It’s also pretty great for insulating windows during the cold winter months.

Bubble wrap is long lasting, easy to remove, and is completely safe for your windows. The only downside of this heat and energy saving hack is that you won’t be able to see out your windows for a while. But I think it will be worth it. This can also be used to keep the heat out. Makes sense! So whether you are hiding from the hot or cold, consider bubble wrap!

Compare My Move has 10 fun things you can do/make with bubble wrap. I know that I won’t be making a dress anytime soon. You? But I would make the calendar for sure! Love it! Find all 10 ideas here.

tiny home

Chris Heininge is the creator of this beautiful tiny home you are about to see. His family has built several tiny homes over the years, inspired by Chris at the young age of 17. When Chris was just a teen he ventured to Japan to become a Christian Missionary and spent several years throughout Japan, Hong Kong, India and Macau. Chris learned how others’ lived in beautiful and simplistic ways, and that greatly affected how he designed his first tiny home.

While you browse through the photos below, pay close attention to the efficient use of space and clean and modern design. All of the lighting within uses LED energy efficient bulbs, and it is even equipped with a full size jacuzzi tub and shower. Have you ever considered tiny house living?

A snapshot of the main floor plan:


A snapshot of the upstairs floor plan:


Here you can see the kitchen equipped with dishwasher, microwave and a small tv:


Another view of the kitchen, looking into the bathroom:


The beautiful open living room with a couch that pulls out into a queen size bed:


Stylish bathroom with a beautiful circular window:


Full size jacuzzi tub and shower:


The stairs leading up to the loft bedroom, with an electric fireplace beneath:


Comfy bed with great lighting upstairs:


Here’s the home before the roof went on:


A close up of the roof and exterior:


From the outside this charming home looks just like all the others:


This home has been lovingly owned and lived in by a 96 year old Toronto woman for over 72 years. When you look through the photos below, you won’t believe your eyes! Once you walk into this seemingly cookie cutter home you soon realize there is nothing plain about this place. It has been completely redecorated from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in the style of the 1950’s and 1960’s!

Carefully thought out furniture, well chosen colors and an aura only one so caring and loving could create has this home been born and maintained. You’ll see as you look further that the home decor is all done in the homeowner’s favorite colors such as aqua, purple and pink.

Nothing dramatic jumps out at you in this photo, but what is behind that closed door?


Even from the back it doesn’t appear to be anything unique:


Now brace yourself as you enter the home and are whisked back into the 1950’s:


How about this beautiful sea-foam carpeting and tasteful dining furniture?


We really love these 1950’s style chairs:


The living room is like walking into a queen’s home:


The beautiful sea-foam color is used consistently throughout the home:


The over-sized mirror above the fireplace is a wonderful touch:


Gorgeous light fixtures and flooring make this a kitchen to dream about:


She even has a pink telephone!


The breakfast nook is perfect with the wrought iron table and floral wallpaper:


No space is ignored, as shown here in the second floor landing:


The master bedroom is beautifully decorated in mauves:


Look how the bright teal just pops out color in this room:


Another bedroom cozily decorated in purple:


Completely decorated in pink, this bedroom belongs to the homeowner’s daughter:


Even the bathroom carries over the pink theme:


As you enter the basement you’ll see a fabulous entertainment area:


Here’s a great photo of the handsome corner bar and stools:


The large fireplace looks well used and invokes thoughts of family get-togethers!


The downstairs bathroom is impeccably decorated in beige and peach tones:


Not only is this a full laundry room but it also has a fridge and microwave:


The backyard in winter with it’s charming pastel green shed:


The backyard even has a cute garden: