From the outside this charming home looks just like all the others:


This home has been lovingly owned and lived in by a 96 year old Toronto woman for over 72 years. When you look through the photos below, you won’t believe your eyes! Once you walk into this seemingly cookie cutter home you soon realize there is nothing plain about this place. It has been completely redecorated from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in the style of the 1950’s and 1960’s!

Carefully thought out furniture, well chosen colors and an aura only one so caring and loving could create has this home been born and maintained. You’ll see as you look further that the home decor is all done in the homeowner’s favorite colors such as aqua, purple and pink.

Nothing dramatic jumps out at you in this photo, but what is behind that closed door?


Even from the back it doesn’t appear to be anything unique:


Now brace yourself as you enter the home and are whisked back into the 1950’s:


How about this beautiful sea-foam carpeting and tasteful dining furniture?


We really love these 1950’s style chairs:


The living room is like walking into a queen’s home:


The beautiful sea-foam color is used consistently throughout the home:


The over-sized mirror above the fireplace is a wonderful touch:


Gorgeous light fixtures and flooring make this a kitchen to dream about:


She even has a pink telephone!


The breakfast nook is perfect with the wrought iron table and floral wallpaper:


No space is ignored, as shown here in the second floor landing:


The master bedroom is beautifully decorated in mauves:


Look how the bright teal just pops out color in this room:


Another bedroom cozily decorated in purple:


Completely decorated in pink, this bedroom belongs to the homeowner’s daughter:


Even the bathroom carries over the pink theme:


As you enter the basement you’ll see a fabulous entertainment area:


Here’s a great photo of the handsome corner bar and stools:


The large fireplace looks well used and invokes thoughts of family get-togethers!


The downstairs bathroom is impeccably decorated in beige and peach tones:


Not only is this a full laundry room but it also has a fridge and microwave:


The backyard in winter with it’s charming pastel green shed:


The backyard even has a cute garden:


Building and designing a home is a dream among many. It takes real skill, talent and creativity to create unique and unforgettable homes though. That is exactly what Morton Buildings does time and time again! Morton Buildings create custom homes that often appear simple and even plain on the outside. But once you step foot inside it’s a whole other story.

The photos you are about to see may look plain at first, but pay close attention to the details and the lavish interior decorating. These buildings are actually beautiful mansions and cabins, but you might never guess that from the exterior!

This home belongs to Ann from Illinois:

Morton Buildings

From the outside it doesn’t seem very different than many other homes:

Morton Buildings

The double bay garage is many a man’s dream!

Morton Buildings

Gorgeous breakfast nook on the porch:

Morton Buildings

The decor and furniture are very comforting:

Morton Buildings

Spacious kitchen with so much lighting:

Morton Buildings

Who wouldn’t love a kitchen island like this:

Morton Buildings

The formal dining area is tastefully decorated:

Morton Buildings

A spacious yet cozy living room area:

Morton Buildings

Dual office area with wall-to-wall closets:

Morton Buildings

Clean and functional laundry area:

Morton Buildings

Charming master bedroom:

Morton Buildings

So much space in that double garage:

Morton Buildings

This is a hobby garage built for Rex & Kelly from Iowa:

Morton Buildings

It features Morton’s Hi-Rib steel and brick wainscot:

Morton Buildings

We love this old petro truck:

Morton Buildings

Great display area for the many products:

Morton Buildings

Paul from Texas is the proud home owner of this Morton cabin:

Morton Buildings

From the outside it doesn’t look like much of a traditional home:

Morton Buildings

But once you enter your eyes will feast upon rich, handsome decor:

Morton Buildings

Gorgeous flooring, wooden staircases and railings:

Morton Buildings

It even features a dumb waiter!

Morton Buildings

The wide open space is perfect for hosting parties:

Morton Buildings

Take a look at those unique chandeliers:

Morton Buildings

The deep red and rich wood in this master bedroom is very appealing:

Morton Buildings

A wonderful view from upstairs of the entertainment area:

Morton Buildings

Look how long the home is – 110 feet!

Morton Buildings


There are dozens of ways to spruce up your home without spending much money. Slap some paint on a wall. Hang a few mirrors. Rearrange every piece of furniture you have got. Resurface the cabinets. We have all seen, heard, and done these projects in our own homes. If you have done all those things and are still looking for additional ideas for your own home, check out this post. It is full of new and creative ideas to make your home look better. There is a little something for every style and budget.

For me, I love number 7. This guy improved the look of his garage door with some painter’s tape and black paint. It turned out awesome. Number 5 is a great idea for adding some closet space. She went down to the gardening store for some planter brackets and came home with something to hang her closet rod on. The look came out great and, as long as you keep it organized, there is no reason to hide all those clothes away.

See all 16 fabulous ideas here…

Diply: 16 Easy DIY Home Upgrades For Any Budget

Alex And Rosa

This modern little home has it all. It’s clean, cozy, and has all the amenities. It’s even in the perfect location, Orlando, near all the action. It’s hard to design a small space that appeals to people who normally aren’t fans of little living spaces but this one does just that. I’m even a fan and I can get pretty claustrophobic. Lol.

The bright interior lights make it look so cozy. The red and white decorations help give it a nautical theme, perfect for the location. The steps with handrails are a nice touch. Ladders aren’t for everyone. My favorite thing is in the shower… the jet shower is calling my name! You too can enjoy staying in this tiny house. It’s for rent on Airbnb for only $85 a night. So the next time you are in Orlando, Florida, think about staying here. It sleeps five so you can bring the whole family!

See inside this super modern and cute house here…

Tiny House Swoon: Alex And Rosa’s Tiny House (interior photos)


What’s special about Topsham, VT? It’s the place where CountryPlans user rich2Vermont built the most picture perfect tiny home. So perfect. It is a 10’ x 16’ hideaway that is on two wooded acres, complete with a babbling brook and meadow of wildflowers.

I love the red and white paint scheme! Just like my house but mine isn’t 160 square feet. The inside is gorgeous exposed pine. It makes the interior seem so much lighter and open. I can’t believe this wasn’t done by a professional! It looks like it was. I really love the staircases too.

Thinking about visiting Vermont? Maybe not to build a little cabin and take up shop, but just for a little get away? Do it! I never have but going in the fall is on my bucket list. Here is all the info you need to plan your upcoming visit.

Take the photo tour of this quaint cabin here…

LittleThings: Beautiful Tiny Loft Cabin In Vermont (photo tour)

shipping container homes

There are so many architectural ideas out there. I envy the people who can come up with these amazing and unique ideas. They don’t have the notoriety of Frank Lloyd Wright but they are just as awesome. (I still love his designs, like Falling Water.) These days homes are made with smaller more functional space and unique materials. You can find homes made of concrete or insulated with hay. Gone are the days of the McMansion.

Speaking of unique homes, look at the last picture in this montage first. Go ahead I will wait for you to come back… Now, try to guess how it was built. Any guesses? Well let’s just say they took an unusual building material and turned it into the bones of this magnificent house. Their use of space inside these cargo containers was very well done. Shipping containers? Heck yes! I love the spiral staircase and the way they use the different materials to hide the fact you are inside a cargo container.

Take the tour of this amazing home here…

Wimp: Shipping Containers Form The Walls Of This Stunning Home


What do you get when you cross a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer and a creative mind? A tiny house that is one of a kind! The Kirkwood tiny home is 100% mobile, being part travel trailer. (It’s kind of like a Transformer. Lol. Looks can be deceiving.) It has so many fun things inside of it! You will be green with envy when you see it!

The inside was remodeled to look just like a home, albeit a tiny one. There is a Murphy bed, gorgeous french doors, a dining nook that I’m in love with, and so many other fun features. Check out the glass floors in the secret loft. Or the full bathroom. Love ‘em! Speaking of tricked out travel trailers – the Travel Channel has some that you need to see! Need to! Camping has sure changed since I was a kid. I feel like a barbarian compared to these lucky people! See all the fun trailers here.

See all the “after” photos and interior shots here…

LittleThings: This Ordinary Trailer Has An Extraordinary Interior (photos)


“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” That’s a quote from the book by J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. We can all use a little more adventure in our lives. More whimsy and fantasy too. Ashley Yeates, a construction and design expert from Great Britain, decided that his great adventure would be building a hobbit home in his backyard. He and as friend Alec set out to make the coolest backyard dwelling ever and I think they succeeded!

Yeates had an apple tree die and rather than be despaired he saw it as a great opportunity. He dug a hole in the bank where the tree had been and started planning a hobbit hole that would blend into the natural environment. I had two trees die just this year! No hobbit homes for us though. Sad! The finished home is so quaint. It is like the perfect man (or woman) cave too! It’s all set up for movie marathons. (My guess is LOTR.) And there is the most precious reading nook. Nicely done!

Check out these other seven hobbit homes from around the world. They are grand! I think I have the travel bug!

Here’s the link to see the amazing “after” photos…

Diply: From Giant Hole In The Ground To Something Spectacular (photos)

Storage Container

Have you ever seen a shipping container on the back of a semi trailer and thought, “That would make for a great place to live.” Have you ever seen a stack of containers on a ship in port and thought, “Wow look at all the square footage a few of those could give me.” Yeah, me neither. But then again I wouldn’t consider myself a visionary when it comes to dwelling places. The designers who created these homes, on the other hand, have created an incredible piece of architecture out of the lowly shipping container.

Take a look at all these very livable homes created out of just a few shipping containers. Shipping containers you can often get for just around $2000 a piece plus delivery charges. I love the amount of light most of these plans let in. The roll up garage door is awesome for letting the indoors outside. I would love to have one of these for a guest home in our backyard. Here are some more shipping container homes for your viewing pleasure. Just incase you need some more inspiration.

Here’s the link to see all 15 projects…

AwarenessTime: What These 15 People Did With Containers Is Beyond Epic

college student tiny home

How was your college experience? Those of us that went are probably still paying for that experience regardless of whether we are actually using our educations out in the real big scary adult world. I sure paid a lot, or am paying off a lot of loans to a private college, to not be using my Bachelors of Arts in American History and Political Science. Haha. One kid from the University of Michigan found a creative way to cut his costs by $6,000.

How did Christopher Cerk save such a bundle? By building his own tiny home. He is the owner of 170 square feet of a solar powered portable hut/home that he built himself for $13,000. It was costing him $800 a month to live in the dorm and in the long run the house was way cheaper. 9ish months of college x 4 years = a whole lot of money saved by building his own home. Nice job! How to pay for college? Here’s some help. How to pay off college debt? See here. It is possible. Good luck.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!