What do you get when you cross a 2004 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer and a creative mind? A tiny house that is one of a kind! The Kirkwood tiny home is 100% mobile, being part travel trailer. (It’s kind of like a Transformer. Lol. Looks can be deceiving.) It has so many fun things inside of it! You will be green with envy when you see it!

The inside was remodeled to look just like a home, albeit a tiny one. There is a Murphy bed, gorgeous french doors, a dining nook that I’m in love with, and so many other fun features. Check out the glass floors in the secret loft. Or the full bathroom. Love ‘em! Speaking of tricked out travel trailers – the Travel Channel has some that you need to see! Need to! Camping has sure changed since I was a kid. I feel like a barbarian compared to these lucky people! See all the fun trailers here.

See all the “after” photos and interior shots here…

LittleThings: This Ordinary Trailer Has An Extraordinary Interior (photos)


“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” That’s a quote from the book by J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. We can all use a little more adventure in our lives. More whimsy and fantasy too. Ashley Yeates, a construction and design expert from Great Britain, decided that his great adventure would be building a hobbit home in his backyard. He and as friend Alec set out to make the coolest backyard dwelling ever and I think they succeeded!

Yeates had an apple tree die and rather than be despaired he saw it as a great opportunity. He dug a hole in the bank where the tree had been and started planning a hobbit hole that would blend into the natural environment. I had two trees die just this year! No hobbit homes for us though. Sad! The finished home is so quaint. It is like the perfect man (or woman) cave too! It’s all set up for movie marathons. (My guess is LOTR.) And there is the most precious reading nook. Nicely done!

Check out these other seven hobbit homes from around the world. They are grand! I think I have the travel bug!

Here’s the link to see the amazing “after” photos…

Diply: From Giant Hole In The Ground To Something Spectacular (photos)

Storage Container

Have you ever seen a shipping container on the back of a semi trailer and thought, “That would make for a great place to live.” Have you ever seen a stack of containers on a ship in port and thought, “Wow look at all the square footage a few of those could give me.” Yeah, me neither. But then again I wouldn’t consider myself a visionary when it comes to dwelling places. The designers who created these homes, on the other hand, have created an incredible piece of architecture out of the lowly shipping container.

Take a look at all these very livable homes created out of just a few shipping containers. Shipping containers you can often get for just around $2000 a piece plus delivery charges. I love the amount of light most of these plans let in. The roll up garage door is awesome for letting the indoors outside. I would love to have one of these for a guest home in our backyard. Here are some more shipping container homes for your viewing pleasure. Just incase you need some more inspiration.

Here’s the link to see all 15 projects…

AwarenessTime: What These 15 People Did With Containers Is Beyond Epic

college student tiny home

How was your college experience? Those of us that went are probably still paying for that experience regardless of whether we are actually using our educations out in the real big scary adult world. I sure paid a lot, or am paying off a lot of loans to a private college, to not be using my Bachelors of Arts in American History and Political Science. Haha. One kid from the University of Michigan found a creative way to cut his costs by $6,000.

How did Christopher Cerk save such a bundle? By building his own tiny home. He is the owner of 170 square feet of a solar powered portable hut/home that he built himself for $13,000. It was costing him $800 a month to live in the dorm and in the long run the house was way cheaper. 9ish months of college x 4 years = a whole lot of money saved by building his own home. Nice job! How to pay for college? Here’s some help. How to pay off college debt? See here. It is possible. Good luck.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!


Take a look at these 20 simple ways to spruce up your home. They’re terrific! Like most people, I have a few rooms in my house I am getting a little bored with. Besides, sometimes you just need a weekend project to keep busy around the house. Here are some amazing upgrades you can do with little to no carpentry skills. That’s right up my alley!

I know many of you are like me and can always use some more storage in the bathroom. Take a look at #1. With a little modification to fit into my decor, this will be a great addition to the bathroom. My husband will love that my stuff is out of the way for the 5 minutes he spends shaving in the morning. If only getting ready was so easy for me!

I love accent walls! The accent wall #4 creates looks beautiful. Now it has me looking for the perfect wall in my home to put this wonderful idea to work. The perfect paint too. Getting the right shade isn’t as easy as it sounds. HGTV has ten helpful hints that will save you some heartache and wasted time.

Here’s the link to all 20 ideas…

Diply: 20 Super Simple DIY’s That Will Work Wonders For Your Home


Tiny houses schminy houses. Are you tired of them yet? I hope not because I’m pretty sure the trendy movement is here to stay! I stayed in my first one last weekend and it was so cute. We went to a wedding and stayed in a friend’s ‘guest room’ which ended up being a tiny a-frame home out back. They built it themselves and I’m hoping they’ll build me one too! Jerry and Rene Larson are another couple that build their own small home and when you see it you’ll fall in love.

The Larson’s designed and build this house in just over a year. Talk about impressive. One of the things that makes this 222 square foot home special is that it expands. It has two ‘slide outs.’ Kind of like a pop out camp trailer. This is the coolest RV that I’ve ever seen. That’s right, you plug into your favorite camp spot or you can go self sustainable off the grid.

The inside is just lovely! I love the birch wood. I think it’s great how they saved valuable space with a Murphy bed too. I think the escape hatch is a clever idea. I’d definitely take this baby out for a spin! Or one of these ones.

Take the tour inside the Larsen’s tiny house here…

TinyHouseTalk: Tour Inside Jerry And Rene’s Tiny Home (photos)


This post is sponsored by the letters A B and C. (For all you Sesame Street fans. Hehehe.) A is for Awesome. B is for Brilliant. C is for Creative. That’s what this post is… awesome, brilliant, and creative. Check out these 37 wonderful DIYs on decorating with letters and words you make yourself. F is for fantastic!

I love the english language. Our home has quotes on the walls magnetic poetry on our refrigerator and we talk a lot. Language and communication is very important to all of us. Below you will find dozens of brilliant and creative ways to express yourself in your home.

I love the thumbtack and the crayon ideas most because I can do them. And I can do them without a scroll saw. The book page folding idea blows my mind! It looks amazing, but I can not wrap my head around how it is done. They do provide some patterns at the end of the article but I’m not sure it’s enough for my tiny brain. Someone please do this and show me how! Becoming Martha has another ‘word art’ roundup that is quite clever. Be sure and check it out here.

Here’s the link to all 37 ideas…

DIY And Crafts: 37 Striking Decor Tutorials Using Letters And Words


Not everyone loves to read. I can’t imagine being one of those people. How sad for them! Garrison Keillor said that ‘A book is a gift you can open again and again.’ I read another quote (author unknown) that said ‘A home without books is like a tree without birds.’ In that case, my trees are full of birds and my shelves are overflowing with books. So much so that I need more shelves! Maybe that’s why I loved this collection of bookshelves from Diply. They are wonderful!

Did you get a look at #7? A bookshelf secret passage that leads to more shelves and books. Score! The sinking shelves sure would be a space saver! #15 has a secret message. The ring shelf is a riot. Reading and exercising. Lol. What could go wrong?! Which of these is your favorite? They’re all pretty grand.

Aha! Parenting has a fun and interesting article on how to turn your kiddo into a reader. There are some good ideas in there! Be sure and check it out!

Here’s the link to all 18 ideas…

Diply: 18 Incredibly Creative Shelves For Book Lovers


Do you ever want to just pack it all up and get away? I’m so jealous of those brave and fearless people that for the sake of an adventure can cut all ties and hit the road. My friends Paul and Fiona (and kiddos) recently sold their business and two cars, rented out their home, put everything they owned in storage, and bought a one way ticket to France for a three year adventure. So brave! Another brave soul is Vandog Traveller.

In October of 2013 he quit his job to travel Europe. There was only one problem. He didn’t care for any motor homes or campers that were on the market. If you’re going to travel the continent you need a cozy place that feels like home! It only took him five months to make his dream ‘house.’ I don’t know if me and mine will ever have the opportunity to get away from it all but I know we can do it in style after seeing cozy campers like this. Huffington Post has an article about people who gave it all up and started over in a new place. What an interesting read! Check it out here.

Here’s the link to see the entire amazing transformation…

DIY Camper – From Rusty Van To Cozy Home In 5 Months


Could you live here? Ummm…yes, yes, I think I could. For summer vacation anyways. This is like no tiny home I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even fit the tiny home ‘requirements.’ Scenic Park Homes are really quite impressive. They sleep six people comfortably; that’s plenty of room for me and mine!

This would be perfect if you have property and are slowing building your dream house and don’t want to live in a shanty for years. I’ll have to tell my parents. This home has high ceilings, big open rooms, and full kitchens. There is even a porch, ceiling fans, and a tv. There are a few different models but they cost around $32-42,000, fully furnished. I wouldn’t want a furnished one. Decorating a new space is half the fun of getting one! Won’t you buy one and let me borrow it?

Less is more, right? Most the time. Here is another tiny house, featured at Tiny House Talk that is ‘tiny’ but not. If you know what I mean.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!