DIY Home Solar Power System

My parents have solar panels and are completely off the grid. Cross my heart. Growing up I had to wage WWIII just to use my hair dryer! If you are thinking about alternative energy sources, then solar is the way to go. I’m happy to feature Earth Easy and all of the wonderful info they have gathered on it. I hope you find it as interesting as I did!

Find the tutorial and tips here…

EarthEasy – Our Simple DIY Home Solar Power System

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10 Great Ways To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Check out his roundup from Home Ideas that is sure to help you stay cool this summer. These 10 A/C alternatives will help save money (and the environment). A lot of them have to do with common sense; like opening the windows at night and closing them during the day, using ceiling fans and window treatment, and minding the stove. These are great ways to keep the energy bills low without dying of heat stroke. See For yourself!

Here’s the link to all 10 helpful tips…

HomeIdeas – 10 Genius Ways To Cool Your Home Without A/C

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30 Free DIY Cabin Blueprints

Check out this roundup! It is absolutely awesome but not for the faint of heart. I stumbled across these cabin plans from Today’s Plans and I am so happy that I did. There are 30 fantastic blueprints, building guides, and step-by-step instructions for building every type of cabin. You could make a backyard hideaway, a mother in law cabin, luxurious hunting lodge, a play house, a two story cabin, or a tiny home. There are so many to choose from!

See all 30 here…

Today’s Plans – 30 Free Cabin Plans

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Creative Ways To Hide Eyesores In The House

I am going through an anti cleaning mode. My floors and bathrooms, ewww. But I am not anti beautification. I am excited to feature Viralnova and these clever ideas for hiding all the ugly stuff in my house. Cords are my nemesis and there are some fun ways here on how to hide them from sight and I think a couple will work wonderfully for me. Neat-o.

See all 22 ideas here…

22 Creative Genius Ways To Hide Ugly Stuff In Your House

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30 Clever Ways To Improve Your Home

Home Improvement was the best show on TV while I was growing up! (I was in love with JT and Tim Allen was so funny). As funny as the show was there wasn’t a whole lot of home improving going on. That’s ok, here are 30 awesome ways to improve your home that you could never get from a TV show. I already use a couple of these myself. Numbers 2, 7, and 21 are great and I can’t wait to try a few more.

See all 30 ideas here…

Diply – 30 Inventive DIY Hacks To Better Your Home

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