Penny Can Stove Tutorial

How To Make A Penny Can Stove

Penny stove? I was confused too but Sensible Prepper made a wonderful video tutorial that helped straighten me out. This little ‘contraption’ is perfect for campers and hikers alike. It can be a mini heater or a tiny cook stove. It runs for about 12 minutes and can be used more than once. This is … Read more Penny Can Stove Tutorial

Finnish Style Log Stove Tutorial

DIY Log Camp Stove

“In survival, failure is not an option.” Daniel Shrigley is so B.A.! I’m excited to feature him today! I found this log camp stove and it rocks! I normally cook with a dutch oven when camping but I can’t wait to try this! Nature and I don’t get along. I love it, but I have … Read more Finnish Style Log Stove Tutorial