Amazing Nutella Star Bread Recipe

nutella star bread

What did I get for christmas? I got…FAT. I also got some bad A** slippers and towels from JCP but mostly I gained some weight. It’s because of all the tasty and creative recipes. Guess what? I’m going to share the calories and this delicious treat with you. You’re welcome! This is Nutella at it’s … Read more Amazing Nutella Star Bread Recipe

3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies (Recipe)

nutella cupcakes recipe

Every time we post something having to do with Nutella, you guys seem to eat it up LOL! Well, here’s the latest recipe I discovered… 3 ingredient Nutella brownies. Head on over to the Instructables site for the full recipe. Happy baking! Here’s the link… Instructables – Nutella Brownies With Just 3 Ingredients Image Credit: … Read more 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies (Recipe)