How To Build Your Own Living Wall

DIY Living Wall

Vertical planting and freestanding gardening has become super popular these days. How could it not be? Besides being cute, living walls can help cut back on heat and create privacy screens. Dremel Weekends has provided us with everything we need to make our own. There are blueprints, cut lists, a list of where and what … Read more How To Build Your Own Living Wall

Vertical Container Gardening

Vertical Container Trellis

There are so many cute variations of trellises and vertical gardens and this one is no exception. How cute! Instead of having plants grow up the trellis, this one has individual pots hanging from it. It is just another example of vertical gardening at its best. See how to make your own… BHG – Trellis … Read more Vertical Container Gardening

DIY Vertical PVC Planter

DIY Vertical Planter

Sometimes the only thing that stands between a great garden and no garden at all is a vertical planter. Upright planters let those short on space still experience the joys of gardening. I’m so glad that there are options out there! The Owner Builder Network has put together a fantastic tutorial on how to make … Read more DIY Vertical PVC Planter

25 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

small urban garden design ideas

Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. For those of you who live in smaller spaces, but still want to indulge your green thumb, below are some great ideas for urban gardening. Give them a try! #1 Glass Terrarium  #2 Window Boxes #3 Potted Hanging Plants #4 … Read more 25 Small Urban Garden Design Ideas